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Shaun White's Air+Style

When Shawn White's team asked us to be apart of the Air+Style event at the Pasadena Rose Bowl, we had no other answer then... can we bring our friends?

Do you remember DCon?  The big pink booth is back, only this time it's super-sized to 20' x 8' walls on all three sides.


Why so big you ask?  Our friends are coming to add some creative touches to the outside walls.  We added fresh white panels on the back for live mural painting by Jeff Soto, Greg "Craola" Simkins and James Haunt.




The auction is not only happening outside the booth, inside the booth will exhibit large wood prints by the all the artists plus live painting by Luke Chueh and Johnny "KMNDZ" Rodriguez.

A special print release with Luke Chueh and Greg Craola Simkins will be available plus a few mini-prints.  Remember those Soto-Fish mini prints from DCon?

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.39.52 AM

They are back and they brought some of their friends this time!  New mini-prints from Craola, Luke Chueh, James Haunt and KMNDZ will be available exclusively at Air+Style.  You can only pick one... which will it be?

And so the countdown begins! We’re a few days away from the Air+Style event and we are PUMPED to be a part of the action-packed sporting event. Taking place at the Rose Bowl Stadium, the sporting competition is going to have a 16 story snow jump, killer fashion, great food, and high-energy performances from today’s hottest artists including our good friends Sleigh Bells.


Grab a free mini-print and get your art fix, checking out striking pieces created by the renowned artists.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.43.55 AM

We don’t know if this weekend can get any better but we’re ready for it be here already.  It’s always a good time when we link up with these artists. With the live music, good food and the world’s greatest snowboarders and skiers mixed in, this weekend’s bound to be a blast. Come by, and check out what we’ve got going on. You never know what’s going to happen and you don’t want to miss it.


For more information about Shaun White's Air+Style event, please visit: http://www.air-style.com/