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Small Print, Large Impact

Size matters… or does it? Many people believe that the bigger the print, the better it is and often overlook the benefits of smaller prints. Small prints come at great, affordable prices and also have amazing versatility. 

Despite the small size, these Red Bull SlopeSoakers prints still manage to catch your eye with their sharp and crisp colors. Sizing down might even mean being able to afford more of one print which will definitely help increase the amount of coverage you will be receiving with your print! Being able to have more than one print means that you will be able to display the prints in various places and reach even more people!

The best part about them being so small? They are extremely compact! You can always find a place to display the prints. You can do and display so much with a small print! The possibilities are endless. Ornaments, coasters, wooden letters, and the the list goes on... 

They may be small but they are definitely mighty! Big or small your wood print will definitely leave a great impact. Here at Print on Wood we offer over 20 sizes for our wood prints that you can choose from. For more information on our sizes that we offer, visit our site!