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Sony Entertainment Cubicle Decor

Prints on Wood aims to create a wood print that fulfills your needs. We like to think out of the box to create something special for you all. We don't just stop at wood prints. For example, we worked together with Sony Playstation to create an awesome working environment for their employees. We created custom wood signs in all sorts of sizes. Each print had an employees face, name and the year they started working there. Sony recreates and updates these every month or so. Now, how rad is that? On the back of the wood prints we added a magnet layer, so it is convenient for them hang them up and change them when needed. IMG_8633

It's always a pleasure working with Sony Entertainment Playstation because we always get super cool projects. We love how even for their working environment the creative juices flow overwhelmingly. Sony makes their employees feel special by having their own avatar stuck onto their metal cubicles. Within the Playstation office, they have a lot of metal walls where these prints can easily stick onto.
Sony Entertainment wood print1

Creating a unique and comfortable working space for your employees influences and increases working performance, which is what you want! It makes employees feel special and welcomed in their work place, allowing them to not dread their hours. Sony does a great job personalizing each employee and making them feel like part of the Sony family. Wood prints make awesome office decor because they are unique and different from simple banners, or let alone no decor. Most offices don't have a whole lot of office decor, so revamping an office with creative wood prints will definitely make your space more lively. At Prints on Wood we love pulling strings to get what you want and need! We'll help revamp your space in no time with just a few prints. Below are the pieces we made for their employees, and they come in all sorts of sizes and colors.

Sony Entertainment wood print2 Sony Entertainment wood print3 Sony Entertainment wood print4