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Speakeasy Ales & Lagers

What would go better with a print on wood then a cold craft brew... ahem, uh.. I mean what would look better on a print on wood then a cold craft brew.   Thanks to Speakeasy Ales and Lagers we printed a few questionable characters and got the short story on their elusive release.


With humble beginnings in the foggy bay area of San Francisco and a passion for an era when tap's in America ran dry, a bold, amber ale, Prohibition Ale, paved the way for a new brand of craft beers, Speakeasy.

Not forgetting or compromising on their commitment to small batch beers, Speakeasy released the Infamous Series beginning with Old Godfather Barley Wine Ale.


Reserved for the tenacious, the second release, Blind Tiger Imperial IPA, had over 10 pounds of hops added per barrel.  Don't let the sweet girl on the label fool you, she's a bit dangerous.


Not recommended for the faint of heart, Scarface Imperial Stout finished off this bold release.  We were just as excited to create something memorable and unique to match the craft put into brewing these Ales and Lagers.


While creating and designing the unique frames and prints, we had more fun then we should have, but then again, I think Speakeasy has the same problem.  Maybe that's why we worked so well together.

Have an idea for a unique print on wood, let us know, we just might we crazy enough to try it!


For more information on Speakeasy Ales & Lagers, please visit: http://www.goodbeer.com/