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Sports & Action Shots on Wood

According to Dictionary.com, an action photograph/shot is defined as a still photograph that features the subject in motion or action. These shots are often some of the most difficult types of pictures to capture. However, action shots provide some of the best photographic moments, especially when it comes to sports - which is why they're one of the most popular types of photos taken.

With sports and other action shots, it's important to follow some key steps in order to take the perfect photos.

Step 1: Ensure that your camera or phone a fast shutter speed. 
With action shots, you'll want to be shooting in Shutter Priority Mode. Slower shutter speeds work better for action shots. Remember, your shutter speed will be the key to getting the perfect photo to print on wood.


Step 2: Check your lighting.
Ensure that you have the proper ISO setting for various light conditions. This will help your photo come out looking brighter and more clear.

Step 3: Be quick and ready.
Things will move fast. In order to get the best photo, you'll have to be quick as lighting. However, don't forget to press down on the shutter button fully.


Step 4: Take as many shots as you can possibly can.
There's no guarantee that an action shot will be perfect - especially on the first try.  That's why you should try to take as many pictures as you can. The more shots you have, the easier it will be to find the perfect one.

Now that you have your perfect action shot, you can make it even better by getting it printed on wood. With Prints on Wood, you're guaranteed to receive high-quality and long-lasting prints. Our prints make great gifts for the athlete in your life. They also make fantastic and thoughtful gifts for family and friends.


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