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Stephen Holman Art

We've got some cool art by Stephen Holman to show you today!

Stephen Holman is an Anglo-American artist who incorporates painting, stop-motion animation, and performance art into his work. He has displayed his art in many exhibits around the world. Stephen is also well known for his live-performances.

Stephen also had a hand in directing and co-founding the '80s LA performance troupe called Theatre Carnivale. He has also created a few animation series for Warner Bros and Disney. Stephen has also taught art courses at various colleges in California. His paintings are currently on display at the Hive Gallery and Dove Biscuit Studio in downtown LA.

This piece below is called Alsvider.


This next piece is known as Rabbit Tarot Magician.


This week, we had the opportunity to print these masterpieces of art on wood. Art is truly at its best when displayed on wood - and the results show! The vibrant colors show through the natural wood grain and elevates each picture to another level.

Each one was printed to be desktop size, and comes with a stand and keyholes on the back. The print is large enough to place on your work desk, but small enough without being too bulky. We've got a whole variety of sizes to choose from - to see more, click here.