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Stranger and Stranger Release with Rob Reger


Rob Reger emily the strange


In 1993, Rob Reger created Emily the Strange, a character that was inspired by a graphic on a skateboard deck. Emily was a 13 year old girl, who loved all things strange and loved to wear black. She was created first and eventually became the mascot of his company Cosmic Debris, Inc. With the help of his friend, Reger and Nathan Carrico developed Emily into a well-known character by creating different t-shirt graphics, featuring her in quite of few of Reger's comic productions, and later became a part of a book series of 4 books. Emily the Strange's clothing has received a lot of attention from many popular fashion brands like Marc Jacobs, Chanel, and  Helmut Lang, to where they use her as an icon and incorporate her into many of their lines. Emily has become a character that empowers girls of all ages, and encourages individualism globally.



We had the amazing opportunity to work together with Rob Reger to release a super cool wood print featuring Emily the Strange called "Stranger and Stranger". This piece has a color scheme of black and white, and an interesting hint of red. "Stranger and Stranger" is very much inspired by his second novel of his series, "Stranger and Stranger." During this novel, Emily accidentally clones herself, which eventually leads to an uproar of life problems such as, identity crisis and losing some of her talents.The backstory of the book is really incorporated into this piece that we are releasing. Reger displays a whirlwind of emotions and characters, which portray Emily's identity crisis during the book.


rob_reger_stanger_and_stranger_wood_print (1)


Stranger and Stranger will be a timed release beginning Friday, November 6th at 12 pm PST, ending Thursday, November 12th at 12 am PST. "Stranger and Stranger" will be hand signed and numbered by Roger Reger.  Click here for more information on the print release.