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Once upon a time, in the early 90s, Shepard Fairey took a stylized vector of Andre the Giant's face and combined it with undertones from the 1988 cult classic, They Live. 300,000 Obama posters later, Shepard is now at the helm of a pop-culture phenomenon that began when he mixed Soviet-era style with Punk Rock propaganda to form a little company called OBEY.

S1"Sorry pal, we can't let you in unless you're wearing a Che t-shirt."

Before Guy Fawkes masks were en vogue, Shepard was spearheading the urban revolution through screen-printing and repurposed imagery in an attempt to shatter the fascist chains of Capitalism in an easy to swallow format. No longer did you have to spend an entire afternoon using glitter and paste to make a sign you could hold on the corner of a busy street! No longer did you have to loiter outside of evil heartless corporations like Payless Shoes to get people to sign your petition!  No longer did you have to march around your local college while screaming unintelligibly into a bullhorn before Campus Police forced you to leave for not wearing any pants!

S2The last time I saw this many beards and black jackets, I was in Fairfax.

Thanks to the success of OBEY, now every teenage suburban radical could involve themselves in civil discourse by asking their Mom to drop them off at the mall on the way to soccer practice. By walking inside Ron Jon Surf Shop with a wad of money, they would shake free from the conformist stranglehold perpetuated by our totalitarian society by walking out with a t-shirt that featured an awesome design alongside a thinly veiled jab at our government. All the while making their parents scratch their heads and ask: "We gave you 40 bucks to buy that?"

S4The DJ wanted to keep things old school.

Now the lower class had a voice! Now the lower class had a movement they could get behind! Now the lower class had the perfect fashion accessory to compliment their camouflage cargo shorts and fedora as they nursed their red plastic solo cup at college parties! By bringing the power to the people one mini-mall at a time, OBEY infiltrated the velcro chain wallets of frustrated young men everywhere.

S5Two pieces of art worth more individually than both of these men's musical careers combined.

Actually, to tell the truth, I didn't go to this art show. Heck, I don't even really know much about OBEY... well besides the fact they produced the Joey Ramone & Andy Kaufman posters hanging above my bed (which look just as awesome as the art that was on display this past Wednesday at Studio Number One in Echo Park).

S3Guy-To-Girl Ratio: ComicCon

My boss and his wife went though. They're actually friends with Shep! Want to hear something cool? His team designed the Prints On Wood logo! (The good one, not the crappy one. I designed that.) Want to hear something even cooler!? Jesse from Breaking Bad was at the art show! YEAH BIII - uh - Buddy!

S6Only one person at the art show was pleased over the DJ's preference for the Lego Movie soundtrack.


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