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Summer Tour of New York Murals

A quick summer trip to New York would not be complete without a walk around SOHO and Little Italy in search of the murals from a few of our favorite artist.

Prints on Wood in Little Italy New York

After a few bites to eat in Greenwich Village headed over to SOHO and ran into a mural in process by New York local Soft Circle.  After a quick chat and Instagram exchanges he was back to work.

Soft Circle New York Mural

Just a few blocks away we spotted a little Vandalism by Nick Walker peeking around a corner.

vandalism by nick walker new york mural graffiti

Little Italy was so colorful already, but this beautiful mural by Tristan Eaton of Audrey Hepburn was still a standout.

Audrey Hepburn new york mural little italy Tristan Eaton

The vibrancy of color and imagery was amazing.  Check out this vibrant mural by Beau Stanton also in Little Italy.

Beau Stanton new york mural

Around another corner we found another huge mural by Tristan Eaton of the Statue of Liberty.

statue of liberty mural Tristan Eaton

A few blocks away we found this towering Baby Hulk mural by New York resident artist Ron English.

Ron English baby hulk mural new york

Ron also had this "little" fella on the Houston Bowery Wall in front of the American flag.  The Bowery Wall is a temporary mural that is changed every few months.

Houston Bowery Wall New York Ron English

Ron English baby hulk Houston Bowery Wall

No tour of New York murals could be complete without spotting at least one Buff Monster mural, and we did.

buff monster new york mural

It never fails to make me hungry for ice cream!

We almost passed by a mural by Shepard Fairey but thankfully our son caught sight of it before it was too late. It is so elegant it blends in well with the surroundings.

shepard fairey new york gold crest mural


Shepard Fairey New York murals Soho

After that we said goodbye to Little Italy and headed off to the Cotton Candy Machine to grab dinner with Tara McPherson, Sean and Ronin.

Cottoncandy Machine Tara McPherson Sean