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    With a namesake inspired by an inside joke amongst friends about a striped t-shirt from Hot Topic, BumbleBeeLovesYou decided to stop drawing indoors and went outside to start sharing his art with everyone, including YOU, who he apparently loves.

    While everyone is going around town trying to make a name for themselves by slapping bootleg Bart Simpson stickers on street signs, or wheatpasting heavy handed political posters on the side of electrical boxes, BumbleBeeLovesYou specializes in an wholesome style of street art… kids being kids doing kid stuff!

    BumbleBeeLovesYou is like the Bob Ross of street art. His artwork makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, that's why we're bringing him back to Air & Style this year. BumbleBeeLovesYou will be live painting a mural outside our booth, where we'll be giving away free mini wood prints of his work. Hope to see you there! Don't forget, we love YOU too. :P

  • AIR + STYLE 2017

    Air & Style is coming back to Los Angeles this February 18th and 19th for 2 days jam packed full of snowboarding, music and art! And just like every year, Prints On Wood is bringing the heat with the hottest artists at our booth!

    Located in the Hansen’s House, the PRINTS ON WOOD booth will have live mural painting on the outside by 3 of our favorite artists!

    STARFIGHTER A also known as Christina Angelina, shown above channeling her passion through her painting of pensive portraits...

    BUMBLEBEELOVESYOU rocking his black and yellow stencil art featuring kids in striped t-shirts having fun...

    and JAMES HAUNT coming at you like Patrick Nagel on acid!

    Inside the booth, we’ll have MATT GONDEK destroying your childhood with his explosive pop art...

    alongside the modern art marble madness master, Teddy Kelly, both of which will belive painting on canvases!

    So stop by the Prints On Wood booth to say “Hi” and check out these masters holding it down! We’ll also be handing out mini fine art wood prints featuring the Art of James Haunt and BumbleBeeLovesYou, so don’t forget to grab one before you leave!

    For more information on this event, please visit airandstyle.com

  • Watch: Air + Style x Prints on Wood Recap

    Last month, Prints on Wood set up shop for the weekend at Shaun White's Air + Style LA. The event was a highly attended, adrenaline-infused success, bringing together rad elements for lovers of music, snowboarding and visual arts.

    For the two-day half music festival, half extreme sports competition, Prints on Wood had the pleasure of hosting the production of four paintings by POW artists Nick Walker, Jeff Soto, KMNDZ and Bumblelovesyou. The celebrated artists live painted in real time for eager attendees, producing a team of awesome mini murals for the audience's viewing pleasure.

    Day 1 and Day 2 are chronicled here on the POW blog with a photo essay to illustrate each day, but to get an in action taste of the festivities, check out the video recap below!


  • POW Chats: An Interview with Bumblebeelovesyou

    bumblebeelovesyou bee there soon Bee There Soon


    Fresh off of Air + Style LA 2016, we chat with the always pleasant Bumblebeelovesyou about origin stories, communication, bees and beach plans.

    Hey Bumbleebee, I want to start where we left off at Air + Style when we were discussing how your name came about. Highschool right?

    Yes, the name Bumblebee, was a nickname in hs. I was wearing a black and yellow striped shirt that I got from Hot Topic, but it looked good on me I swear [laughs]. And someone at a party said the name and it stuck, but it wasn’t until years after hs that I decided I wanted to base my work around the theme of that name. I didn’t want to base my work purely around the theme of ‘bumblebees,’ but something clicked for me when I started experimenting with graphics and I just thought ‘bees’ symbolized so much and I knew there were countless ideas I could explore because of it. And ‘lovesyou’ just had this awesome positive aesthetic energy, not to mention when you google bumblebee all you get is actual bees, ‘lovesyou’ was a great extension and in this age of communicating everyone needs a good hashtag.

    Can you talk about where you're from and what it was like for you growing up there?
    I grew up in Downey, CA. My parents own a home and we had a front yard with a sidewalk to play on and a backyard with a lot of fruit trees (Dwny kids know: lemon tree, orange tree, grapefruit tree, avocado trees, fig tree and a lemon tree, oh and a peach tree that died recently).

    I’m a 90’s kid and was raised purely off Saturday morning cartoons, the Disney channel and Nickelodeon. I had a pretty great CHILDHOOD.

    bumbleelovesyou payphone prints on wood

    Your work has come to deal largely with communication as an underlying theme. Where does the desire to focus on that topic stem from as opposed to all the other muses to choose from?

    I’ve always felt that because of my age, I’ve always had one foot in the ‘age of analog’ and one foot in the ‘digital age’. Fortunately, while growing up I started to take note of all the changes that were quickly happening around us. Pay phones were just disappearing and cell phones were paving the way for new everything. GPS and laptops had been around but only if you were fortunate enough to bee able to afford them. Slowly but surely, everything started to become accessible and the way we communicated started to change. I still feel like some of my old friends are still trying to catch up with the new technology that is, social media. I always felt like no one was talking about this rapid change, so I decided to start a dialog with old telephone kiosks and turning them into sculptures with beehives in them. The theory being that the rise in cell phone usage had been starting to misguide the bees patterns of migration and because of the cell phone rise, public phones were no longer needed so they were taken out.

    You've been in demand lately Bumblebee, can you talk about your most recent projects?

    I’ve had a few recent projects. One major one being getting my ‘wisdom teeth’ removed; all 4 throughout the month of January. That was seriously one the toughest things I’ve done in my entire life and the tooth fairy didn’t even show up (smh tooth fairy).

    I made my first product available online-- ‘Mutual Feeling’ lapel pin-set available during the month of February. That was an awesome personal project because I’ve always been into product design. They came out so great I can’t wait until the next pin release, which is probably going to be ‘Somewhere I’d Rather Bee’.

    Another cool project was working with ‘Dunkin Donuts’. What an honor to be able to paint on their first store in CA. I felt very humbled that all my hard work had been starting to get noticed by big names like them.

    Also, speaking of product design, I designed an all natural butter label, TAVA Ghee, that is sold in Whole Foods in downtown LA. Of all things I did last year, nothing beats walking into a grocery store and being able to purchase your own product design. What an awesome experience.

    And the most recent project I did was my print -- which coincided with the Oscar Sunday and sold out -- of my print set trilogy, Director’s Cut. (Thanks everyone who got one!)

    Just Friends Just Friends


    What are your creative processes when getting ready to draft a piece? What types of rituals or practices get you in your zone leading up to working?

    In order for me to start working on a project I have to immerse myself into whatever I’m working on. Like, seriously, my gf sometimes gets jelly over the amount of time and effort I spend on them. But she knows ilher. Usually, it starts out with me going into the space and asking a lot of questions about what sort of ‘vibe’ goes on here. If I’m working on a canvas, it’s similar, but what changes is that it has to be my ‘vibe’ so I’ve usually planned in advance the type of mood I want to set, but I don’t always know what I’m going to create.

    One thing that I do is starting by cleaning my studio space. I can’t work in an unorganized & dirty room anymore. I feel like, the cleaner the space, the better the work tends to bee. It makes me feel more comfortable, relaxed and organized. Also, Netlfix and Seinfeld tend to be a go-to while I’m designing. Podcasts help too, the Nerdist is really long and entertaining. And lastly, listening to the same song over and over again for hours is when I’m most productive. (will ‘Views’ album ever come out?)

    If you could only paint with three colors/hues for the next 6 months, what would they be and why?

    I guess I only paint with white, black and yellow although lately I’ve been integrating, pink, blue, and green into my work. I would have to pick the first 3 because it’s where I first got my style.

    Last year you were voted LA Weekly's 'Best Street Artist' for all your efforts in the public forum. Can you talk about your history in public art-- your tools, some of your most memorable spots, etc?

    One day I just got up and said, 'I’m going to paint this outside. I don’t know where I’m going to paint it, but it’s going to happen and I hope I don’t get caught.'

    So using unloved parts of the city, I just started painting kids in striped shirts doing things that kids do. Then that evolved into my making beehives sculptures out of the phone book and placing them into unused telephone booths. That’s how it all started; just by me saying I’m going to do something, then actually doing it, but in a well thought out planned execution.

    I am very grateful for the love LA Weekly has shown me throughout the years. I’m glad they’ve recognized me for my hard work and what I represent. A lot of ‘street artists’ here aren’t even from LA so I think it was very important for my career as an artist to be recognized as the best in my city. It really shows the bond we share for people who grew up here. There’s a sense of community even though we are spread out. It’s like we’re all extended family.

    Somewhere I'd Rather Bee Somewhere I'd Rather Bee


    Can you tell me about the piece you painted during Air + Style? A rendition of your work, "Somewhere I'd Rather Bee," right?

    Yea, I love that piece! I hardly ever get to paint ‘Somewhere I’d Rather Bee’ anymore. There’s only a handful of originals of that image even though it’s one of my most beloved characters by my fans and myself.

    Air+Style seemed like a great opportunity to present that work in a more casual way: a ‘coloring book’. I traced the outlines of the image and put letters and numbers extending from the image to make it seem as if there were instructions on how to color in the piece and I invited random people to help color the image with sharpies and spray paint, crayons & colored pencils. It was awesome because Jeff Soto, who was painting in front of me, helped out a little bit too! It was such a fun weekend and I’m glad I was able to bee a part of it. Also, glad it sold at charity later that week. #stillgotit

    What do you have coming up in the coming months in terms of work projects and professional goals?

    Let’s just say ‘blacklights’ and ‘ceramics’ will bee involved for the pop-up. I’m in a few group shows around CA, and for the most part I am using this time to continue integrating collectible product designs for all my fans and collectors. There’s a few large scale murals as well and hopefully I’ll be getting out of state so if anyone reading this knows of any walls, please let me know ;)

    What do you have coming up in terms of personal plans you're looking forward to, completely aside from obligations and work?

    I really want to get back in the ocean. I used to surf and bodyboard and it was so much fun. I really hope I can force myself to get out of the studio and dedicate some morning time to get back in the water. This is CA afterall, or at least work on my tan while I’m there.

    Mutual Feeling Mutual Feeling
  • Recap: Day 2 of Air + Style with Prints on Wood


    Prints on Wood wrapped up Day 2 of Air + Style Los Angeles  2016, Sunday February 21st with a lot of great memories en tow. The day began and ended with fans stopping in to pick up one of our 4 in. x 4 in. mini wood prints from our Air + Style 2016 artists Jeff Soto, Bumblebeelovesyou, Nick Walker and KMNDZ. Over the course of the two-day event, 800 mini prints found new homes, many of which were signed by the artists on site.


    Congregating over the love of art, extreme sports and music, Air + Style 2016 was a hugely enjoyable day for the artists and performers as well as the fans. Travis Barker, Kaskade and Incubus were among the performers of the night, adding a much appreciated soundtrack to the day's vibes. Several hours of painting brought into fruition 4 expertly rendered pieces by the aforementioned POW artists, which will make their way to a benefit show in Los Angeles this week!

    To view images of the day's festivities at the POW booth, as well as the lively happenings around A+S 2016, scroll below!







    Illustrator and painter Bumblebeelovesyou executed his signature striped style, creating a dreamy rendition of his original titled "Somewhere I'd Rather Bee," showcasing a kid and some very Cali-centric palm trees against an equally Cali sunset. Bumblebee enlisted the help of his friends during the weekend event to help color in portions of the piece seen above using markers, crayons and paint, adding to the community feel of the space and in line with the guy's bubbly personality. What's birthed is a crazy cool multi-medium piece with big kid vibes in the art and execution.



    jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-3  jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-5  jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-7   jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-10

    jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-11  jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-13


    Painter and muralist Jeff Soto brought quite a few smiles to the Prints on Wood creative space, with plenty of fans stopping in to nab photos and chat with the artist while he executed up his colorful and layered panel. Sans his signature owls, Soto reached for a different animal representation for this piece, one of which may very well be a mythical creature straight from the Soto thought process. Furry, antlered and faceless, the creature is a very cool execution of a mix between the Abominable Snowman and an elk. Of course, Jeff Soto can bring this odd description to life with some expert skill and cool usage of paint brushes and spray cans.



    Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez kept it elegant and simple, offering up the imagery of a bird mid-flight, narrowly missed by an arrow. As the definite romantic among us, Johnny's work speaks volumes to sentimental vibes and all things that pull at the heart strings. Check out an interview with KMNDZ from this year's DesignerCon 2016 to get a feel for the artist.





    nick-walker-prints-on-wood-air-style-5  nick-walker-prints-on-wood-air-style-6


    Stencil artist Nick Walker came through with a super unique piece for A+S 2016. Titled "Numbers," Nick adds a visual layer to the piece using numerical stencils to represent his background. The artist's varied range of work can be seen here, as well as his recently released limited run  piece titled "Amour Plated."






    Till next year!

  • Recap: Day 1 of Air + Style with Prints on Wood

    Day one of  Air + Style Los Angeles 2016 successfully kicked off today at Expo Park at the Coliseum in Downtown Los Angeles. Per usual, Prints on Wood was happily in the building soaking in the extreme sports and music-centric vibes. 24 athletes competed on the event's 16-story snow jump, while eleven musicians took to the stage including J. Cole, A-Trak, Action Bronson and A$AP Ferg.

    Founded in 1993 by Andrew Hourmount, the event was the first Big Air snowboarding event of its kind. Since '93, Air + Style has held 27 editions of the competition in locations such as Austria, Germany, China and the US, drawing in thousands of fans. This year was no different, as several thousand attendees flowed through the Expo Park fair grounds, enjoying the festivities, catching the Big Air show, peeping musicians, picking up free POW prints and stopping in to watch this year's POW lineup of artists get down.

    Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez, Jeff Soto, Bumblebeelovesyou and Nick Walker started on the early stages of 4 wood panels that will shape up to become a few fantastic works by the end of Day Two. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how things pan out. To see shots of the fest grounds and festivities, images of the performers, the monstrous 16-story ramp and our POW artists in action, scroll below!



    Families and friends looked on at the gigantic 16-story snow ramp set up at Air + Style 2016. The finalists of the day's competition include:

    KADONO, Yuki
    MCMORRIS, Mark
    SANDBECH, Stale
    PARROT, Max
    BERGREM, Torgeir
    KLEVELAND, Marcus
    SHARPE, Darcy
    WILLETT, Eric
    CICCARELLI, Michael
    HANSEN, Kim Rune
    TONTERI, Roope
    TRUCHON, Antoine
    THORGREN, Sven
    TOUTANT, Sebastien
    MACK, Kyle
    PIIROINEN, Peetu
    DE BUCK, Sebbe
    PREISSINGER, Maximilian
    MOUTON, Boris
    ROISLAND, Mons
    MILLAUER, Clemens






    More angles of the ramp in action, plus, a couple of snap shots of the festival's host, Shaun White.






    Bumblebeelovesyou hanging out in the Prints on Wood section working on his wood panel piece, plus signing one of his mini prints for a fan. Environmentalist group Global Inheritance had their Rain Supreme team on the grounds during the event as well, with a full-on art show displaying water canisters painted by a medley of artists, including Bumblebee!








    A look at Day 1 Air + Style 2016 performers All Time Low, Allie X, Action Bronson, Paz and Haim! The crowds were pumped the entire day from start to finish, with each performer putting in work for a high intensity show.


    Fans pose by a David Bowie tribute piece water canister at the Rain Supreme exhibition.







    Over at the POW tent, festival attendees got their hands on a variety of free mini prints from Bumblebeelovesyou, Jeff Soto, Nick Walker and KMNDZ.






    Nick Walker adding in some elements to his piece during Day 1 of Air + Style utilizing his signaure stencil style. Below that, you can get a look at Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez' piece in the foreground, and a glimpse of Jeff Soto's work in the background.



    A look at the 5 Points tent, where festival attendees were welcomed to work on an Air + Style group mural, adding in whatever artistic elements they'd like.








    ASAP Ferg was a crowd favorite of the night, keeping energy high at the event's 'City Stage.' And of course we can't forget about A-Trak, offering the crowd a high intensity mix to ring in the night. J Cole was the long-awaited finale out the night on the event's 'Mountain Stage, closing out the show. Check out a video of Day 1 festival highlights here!

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