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  • Coachella Wrap Up

    It has to be done. I know you don’t want to let go but it’s time. We don’t either, we worked so hard on Coachella and we want our work to be cherished and loved forever. But it’s been weeks since Coachella has happened and it’s finally time to wrap it up. Before we say bye and let go of the good times, let’s go through some photos from our work this year to reminiscence.

    The iconic ferris wheel and line up poster. Did you really go to Coachella if you didn’t get a photo with these things?! Hope our line up posters were helpful when deciding who you wanted to see next. We print these out every year when we help out with Coachella signage, it’s a must! With only so many days and hours to live up Coachella, planning ahead is necessary.

    Ahh yes, food. Coachella is filled to the brim with delicious food and drinks for you to try. I bet you tried some of the best food during your visit to Coachella. You have us to thanks for the signage! How would you know where anything was if it wasn’t for our signs. We did so many food signs, you wouldn’t even believe it. For a lot of the food signs we had to produce a sign AND die-cut letter to go on top of the sign to really make them pop.

    Our street signs! The amount of these coroplast street signs we produced was endless. But hopefully they helped everyone out a bunch around the venue! We saw a ton of photos from camping that had our street signs in them. So glad everyone loved them!

    Lastly we have set time signage! When to be at which stage to catch your favorite artist. Did you take a look at any of these?! I’m sure you did! They are huge and insanely helpful when trying to decide who to see next.

    Well, that’s it. Our trip down memory lane has ended. Until next year Coachella! Unless… you have some photos you want to show us. Send it our way! #chella4ever

  • Wood Printing for Coachella 2012

    Custom Wood Printed Venue Signs

    The creative minds behind the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival are known for being trend-setters in more ways than one, and this year they have decided to do something different for their festival signage.

    For 2012 they have decided to print dozens of festival signs on eco-friendly, FCS certified plywood, and we are proud to be their wood printing company of choice. If you are attending Coachella this year you will see dozens of signs like the ones pictured below all around the festival grounds – from venue entrance signs to side-stage and artist agenda signs.

    Coachella Prints on Wood

    Coachella is also introducing some really amazing photos printed on wood. Handpicked by the staff at Coachella, these images are all kinds of awesome. They are limited edition photo wood prints which come numbered with a certificate of authenticity. We are super psyched’ we had the privilege of working with them on this project and look forward to many more projects to come. Here's a sneak peak of one of the 14 prints below.

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