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  • Artist Spotlight - Anna Tillett

    What do you get when you mix food with fun, quirky and pure imagination?  Well, as artist Anna Tillett would describe her own works  as - "a hootenanny of all things cute and illustrated."

    Anna's artwork takes you to a world of sweet sensations and childhood memories that bring nothing but a smile to your face.  Her illustrations are so colorful and detailed, you can almost taste the sprinkles on the ice cream, smell the donut or hear the voice of the painted character with their cat eye glasses with a slight snobbish tone of voice.  Lets take a look of some of Anna's artwork that Prints on Wood has to offer - beware...can cause a slight appetite surge.

    Courtesan Au Chocolat

    Now this print is just too adorable. What you will find with Anna's prints is the humorous and human look on a food or animal form that adds a fun twist to your art collection.

    Thin MInt

    Calling all Girl Scouts or cookie lovers!  Yup, those Thin Mint cookies are just too hard to pass up.  This cool cookie radiates tastiness.

    Cotton Candy Carnie

    Carnie's soft spun hair just melts in your mouth.  One of Anna's quote's about her artwork is "Drawing cute stuff is serious business."  We could not agree more.

    Kiss Me

    Looking for a great Valentine's Day print?  We've got the perfect image for you.  I love how Anna's prints have the slight annoyed look in their eyes, which contradicts the sweetness they resemble.  There are so many prints to choose from with this artists, who could just choose one?

    About the artist -

    Here is some background information on Anna and some cool publications her work has been featured in.

    Anna Tillett holds a B.F.A. in Illustration from Memphis College of Art.  You can currently find her illustrating her next goofy idea and eating all the pizza in the Beehive State of Utah.

    Tillett's work has been licensed for use as set decor on the ABC Family Movie "The Mistle-tones" and Disney's T.V. series "Andi Mack", as well as spotted in episode 4 of the HGTV show Emily Henderson's "Secrets From a Stylist".  You can currently find her work in stores and galleries such as Signed and Numbered of Salt Lake City, Tin Top of Winchester, VA, Viva Pops of San Diego, Sassysquatch tees at Threadless.com, and her original paintings represented through Graphite Galleries of New Orleans.

    Clients and works in print include:  Markwin's International, Honda, Threadless, Nie Studio, Viva Pops, The Imagineering Company of San Francisco, Chefables, Delicious Decadence Granola, La Ranchita's, Pop Elation, SnoCal Shaved Ice, Bonelli's Cafe Italia, Bank Tennessee, Alternatives Unlimited, artist feature in the book Sweet and Bizarre by Monsa Publications 2017Art credit in Better Homes and Garden magazine July 2015 issue, illustrator for Paul the Red-Billed Puffin, illustrator for Colleen the Chameleon, illustrator for Hoover the Talking Seal, illustrator for Holler for the Dollar, and "12 Dancing Princesses with Two Left Feet" selected for print in Communication Arts Illustration Annual 43.


  • Think outside the box

    Looking for a way to capture your audience's attention, be a little edgy and have a product that last?  Look no further - two of our customers saw the potential of "thinking outside the box" for their marketing pieces.

    Goa Taco printed their menus on wood - Looks great! Simple, but has that hip look.  Goa Taco is everything but ordinary, so why have ordinary signs?  If you have never been to this establishment, they have locations in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and New York.  It is a taco like no other...Who's hungry??  Let's Goa and get some good food! You'll recognize the great wood prints.

    Kobrick Coffee, who has been in business for over 90 years in New York City, created a beautiful vintage matte sign with our black frame for their famous Gelato.  The vintage matte finish allows the wood grain to show through which gives the artwork a natural look and feel.  Thinking outside the box and finding new ways to market your products is where we can help!

  • Birds and "Create Your Own" Prints

    We love nature prints. Today, we'll be featuring our super cool nature prints: bird edition!

    It's always fun being able to enjoy nature and snap pictures of your favorite animals. In this case, the birds are the star! These are a part of the #CreateYourOwn wood print editions - where artists and photographers (like you) create your own wood prints on our site.


    Want to know how to create your own print on wood? It's easy! Just follow these steps.
    1. Visit our site at Prints on Wood and select "Create Your Own."

    2. Select the orientation and size of your desired wood print. We make prints in various orientations - including portrait, landscape, and square. We also have sizes ranging from 4" x 6" (our smallest) to our largest at 30" x 40."
    Note: For a larger or smaller size, contact us to speak with a representative.

    3. Select a frame (if desired). Frames come in black, brown, and white. Margins can also be chosen in this step.

    4. Upload your image! For best results, choose a picture that is clear, high-quality, and high resolution.
    Note: The only image file extensions allowed are: JPG, JPEG, TIF, PNG, and GIF.

    5. Next, choose a thickness option. Typically, our best seller is 1/2in (12mm) thickness for wood prints. However, to see other thickness levels, take a look at our page here.

    6. Finally, it's time to choose a finish option. Our prints come in 3 finishes: bright white, natural gloss, and vintage matte.


    We truly believe that there is no better way to display your beautiful prints than on a wood canvas. Beautiful photos like these shouldn't be limited to just placement on film. Wood canvases add a whole new dimension to your pictures!


    Wood prints are perfect for displaying or for gifting to a loved one. Regardless of your decision, we'll help you out 100%! Give us a call today!

  • WeWork Wood Prints

    Some businesses like to offer advice to their customers. Other businesses like to gently give instructional directions to their customers. Well, WeWork does both with a bit of humor and wood! WeWork provides a shared workspace/community for entrepreneurs and many others that are looking to have a space for business.


    We recently teamed up with WeWork and helped bring their business signage (not to mention their great sense of humor) onto these custom wood prints, which serve to help their customers out from a cup of coffee to phone booths. WeWork works to provide some of the best office spaces from Los Angeles to New York, so it makes sense that they have awesome signage to match their facilities.


    Getting instructional signage is beneficial for your business because it grabs your audience's attention. By having instructions on wood, customers are more likely to notice the signs because of unique way your business is trying to communicate. Get your custom signage today! For a custom quote, look here.

  • Italian Frames Meets Fine Art

    New Year means new you! OR if you prefer to stay the same that works too! Either way, if you're an art collector, looking to switch it up or want something old to look new again, then we have something perfect for you! Some of our fine art selections may include a handmade Italian frame, which is a perfect way to make an art piece stick out such as the ones in this blog post.


    This one of Renee French's limited pieces of Ben Mendelsohn Raccoon. This piece is a DesignerCon 2016 exclusive marquee print and is signed by French as well. Renee French is an American artist, best known as a comics writer and illustrator, who also enthralls audiences as an exhibiting fine artist.



    Did we mention that the Italian Frame comes in different colors? In Drew Merritt's "Eye of the Beholder" piece, you'll find that this print comes in a brown frame. This print is apart of Along the Grain. In collaboration with Treason Gallery and Prints on Wood, Along The Grain presents itself as new take on fine art reproduction, while providing approachability to new collectors as well as those looking to add a one of a kind piece to their collection.

  • Price Boards and Business Signage

    Imagine this: you just opened up a new business. You have the shop set up, decor finished, and you're ready to open. But wait! You need a price board for displaying prices and information for your customers. How will you get one?

    Well, that's where Prints on Wood comes in. We're fully prepared and equipped to help you with all of your business signage needs. Take a look below at one of the recent signages we've done for a ski and snowboard rental company.


    With these price boards, you can list the prices and options in readable and eye-catching font for your customers. This can also apply to wooden menus, as well (which we also make). Price boards make options easier for the customers to navigate, and makes it easier for them to pick options that they want. They're also aesthetically pleasing to the eye - which can also help your decor.

    Our price boards come in various sizes, and can be customized any way you want. We use only the best plywood for our prints, and the best inks as well. Our prints on wood are always the highest of quality. You won't find prints like these anywhere else!


    Wood prints are durable and work better than laminated paper menus and poster board for business signage. They're the best option for menus and price boards, because they're guaranteed to last for years to come.

    Order yours today at http://www.printsonwood.com/!

  • Why Customize?

    When it comes to making wood prints, we're big fans of creating customized wood prints. Helping you create customized wood print is our specialty!

    You may be wondering, why should I customize my own wood print?
    The real question is, why not? Look at it this way: creating your own personalized wood print gives you the ability to make an art piece that is exactly to your liking. For those of you who are a little more selective about art and photography, customizing your own piece gives you free reign to do whatever you want to make it look exactly how you want it to.  There are no limits! By customizing your wood print, you're creating a piece of art that is truly unique and yours.

    Take a look at one of the examples below:


    Customized wood prints also make a great gift for friends and family. A personalized wood print is thoughtful, special, and will definitely show how much you care.


    A customized wood print is a gift that will be cherished for years to come!

    How do I create my own customized wood prints?
    This part's easy. We offer different size options, price points, and finishes - all this to help you make your wood print one-of-a-kind. To start, visit our site at http://www.printsonwood.com/create-your-own. Simply upload your own photo, select your size, orientation, frame (optional), and choose a finish. Submit your order and we'll get right on it!

    Not only that, we have a great team of staff members that are readily available to assist you with your order. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for your own special customized custom wood print!

  • Jazzberry Blue Artwork

    In today's modern times, buying maps at a gas station is considered out of the way, now that cellphones have maps and GPS built in them. Artist Jazzberry Blue takes this concept and uses it to create one of a kind art pieces that are also maps of places around the world.


    Although artist Jazzberry Blue prefers to stay out of the limelight, Blue uses art as a form of communication. The art wood prints included in this blog include a map of Portland and a map of Baltimore, although some of the other prints Jazzberry Blue has create includes a map of Budapest and a map of Mexico City (just to name a few). baltimore-map-wood-print

    These prints can be purchased on our website, and can also be framed or ordered in a variety of sizes. By adding this custom fine art wood print to your home, not only are you adding to your collection, but you're also bringing a bit of the world into your home. Order yours today!

  • Jermaine Rogers - Artist

    Jermaine Rogers is a famous poster artist and painter, located in Brooklyn, New York. He is known as one of the leaders in the field of modern rock poster art. He has created and produced poster artwork for concerts, musical events, and musical releases - particularly for rock and roll artists. So far, he has designed nearly 800 posters for many musical artists, including Neil Young, David Bowie, and etc.

    However, Rogers also creates a lot of paintings as well. The one below is known as "Tell Me How to Help You." This piece was inspired by his original print called "I Think I Am Losing My Mind."


    Neat, huh? Rogers has asked us for our help in printing this piece on wood, so we helped! The natural wood grain on the birch is a perfect addition to the grainy art style of this print. It creates a more vibrant and adds a vintage feel to the art, without making the colors dull. In fact, the wood elevates the colors! This particular print is framed - and has a bright white finish. Frames can also come in white and is available here for a limited time!

    We also brought this piece to Designer Con 2016. These prints will be available to purchase for a limited time, so get yours today!

  • Stephen Holman Art

    We've got some cool art by Stephen Holman to show you today!

    Stephen Holman is an Anglo-American artist who incorporates painting, stop-motion animation, and performance art into his work. He has displayed his art in many exhibits around the world. Stephen is also well known for his live-performances.

    Stephen also had a hand in directing and co-founding the '80s LA performance troupe called Theatre Carnivale. He has also created a few animation series for Warner Bros and Disney. Stephen has also taught art courses at various colleges in California. His paintings are currently on display at the Hive Gallery and Dove Biscuit Studio in downtown LA.

    This piece below is called Alsvider.


    This next piece is known as Rabbit Tarot Magician.


    This week, we had the opportunity to print these masterpieces of art on wood. Art is truly at its best when displayed on wood - and the results show! The vibrant colors show through the natural wood grain and elevates each picture to another level.

    Each one was printed to be desktop size, and comes with a stand and keyholes on the back. The print is large enough to place on your work desk, but small enough without being too bulky. We've got a whole variety of sizes to choose from - to see more, click here.

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