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  • Lori Nelson and "Soul Twin"

    Are you looking for some new art? Don’t look any further because we have what you’ve been looking for! Lori Nelson has partnered with us to release an exclusive fine art wood print for you all. There will be a limited amount of 25 signed and numbered prints so you definitely don’t want to miss out.

    Who is Lori Nelson?
    Lori Nelson tackles timeless issues like change, fear of technology and isolation. She practices technique utilizing wide, chunky strokes and understated colors. Her paintings have a very modern feel. She really gives her paintings a personality of their own, which is what makes her paintings so remarkable!

  • AIR + STYLE 2017

    Air & Style is coming back to Los Angeles this February 18th and 19th for 2 days jam packed full of snowboarding, music and art! And just like every year, Prints On Wood is bringing the heat with the hottest artists at our booth!

    Located in the Hansen’s House, the PRINTS ON WOOD booth will have live mural painting on the outside by 3 of our favorite artists!

    STARFIGHTER A also known as Christina Angelina, shown above channeling her passion through her painting of pensive portraits...

    BUMBLEBEELOVESYOU rocking his black and yellow stencil art featuring kids in striped t-shirts having fun...

    and JAMES HAUNT coming at you like Patrick Nagel on acid!

    Inside the booth, we’ll have MATT GONDEK destroying your childhood with his explosive pop art...

    alongside the modern art marble madness master, Teddy Kelly, both of which will belive painting on canvases!

    So stop by the Prints On Wood booth to say “Hi” and check out these masters holding it down! We’ll also be handing out mini fine art wood prints featuring the Art of James Haunt and BumbleBeeLovesYou, so don’t forget to grab one before you leave!

    For more information on this event, please visit airandstyle.com

  • 4 Tips on How to Read & Analyze a Painting

    Art is complex. Art is thought-provoking. Art is captivating and stimulating. With that being said, no piece of art is the same. Different pieces of art have different meanings, though - of course, all pieces are open to individual interpretation.

    Here are our tips on how to read and analyze a painting:

    1. Research the artist! 
      Sometimes, knowing who the artist is will tell you all that you need to know about a piece of art. A quick Google search could bring you to their personal website, which may contain an "About Me" to summarize their work. Most artists have a special theme that connects all of their artwork together. That alone can tell an observer everything they need to know about the art.jermaine-rodgers-art-print-on-wood
      "Tell Me How to Help You" by Jermaine Rodgers
    2.  Analyze the colors, shapes, symbols, and characters.
      Take a closer look at the art. Every aspect should have a different meaning.
      -Are there different colors? Different colors tend to have different meanings, and can contribute to different moods.
      -Are there any shapes and symbols? These can provide clear meanings for every piece of art.
      -How about the characters? Every character has a different story. Their actions, appearance, and art style can help you piece together the art's story - which brings us to the next point.
      "Bootleg Pop" by Matt Gondek
    3. Does the art tell a story?
      Remember, it's important to take a look at the big picture. Carefully examine every detail of the painting. Ask yourself why it was put the together the way it was. Draw a conclusion from there.
      Tip: The art piece's name may be a big clue to what the whole piece is about!
      pendelton_fb_square david chung prints on wood
    4. Finally, take a look at the canvas.
      The canvas is important! Here at Prints on Wood, many of the artists that work with us choose to print their paintings on wood canvases. Some will say that the plywood adds a subtle, vintage feel to their paintings. Others will say that they appreciate the way the wood grain enhances the color and style of the artwork.

    Want to give it a try? Take a look at this painting called "The Gift" by Laurie McClave. What do you think it represents? Leave a comment below with your answers!


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