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  • Milestone Wood Prints - Graduation!

    Ah, the June weather approaches. And with it comes heat, summer sun, and host of holidays to celebrate. Okay, well maybe not holidays, but certainly some grand celebrations are in order for this month.

    On one hand you have Father’s Day, coming up on June 16th. But on the other hand are the crazy, crazy amounts of graduations coming up. College, high school, kindergarten; you name it, and there’s probably a ceremony for it.

    For graduates, there’s something even better than getting that diploma after four (or five!) long years of hard work, and that’s being acknowledged for it. For some, they’re going to graduate school, medical school, law school, and whatever other school you can think of. Others are taking road trips across the state, across the country, or even across the world! Whatever the case may be, a wood print would be a great gift for the Instagram-hungry grad.

    Some of you don’t know that on our custom wood prints page, you can upload photos from Instagram! Pretty nifty, if you ask me. I know for a fact that every one of my friends with a smart-phone has an Instagram account, and they know how to use it. Instagram offers several kinds of filters and the cutest frames and arrangements for your photos. A collage of your favorite road trip, graduation moments, or throwback photos from through the years, would be perfect for a wood print. It’s cheaper, greener, and much more heartwarming then going through a service or struggling to matte photos with a tough frame.

    Or you can always consult Buzzfeed’s list of "Grad Gifts". All I can say is...Pizza Cutter Fork.

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