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  • New Release Alert! Moira Hahn Releases "Under Water World"

    under water world moira hahn square Print on wood

    In conjunction with her upcoming solo exhibition “Night of 1000 Fire Monkeys” at Los Angeles' Gregorio Escalante Gallery, Moira Hahn releases her first Prints on Wood collaboration titled, "Under Water World," on April 2nd.

    "Under Water World" presents viewers with a visual style very much in line with Hahn's signature approach, depicting ancient Asian aestheticism with a refined fine arts method. As the daughter of a WWII Veteran who served in China, Moira was born into a home where Chinese aestheticism and intrigue of the culture's tradition was felt and explored. Moira's father dreamed of China and its rare fixtures, which went on to have an affect on his daughter's creativity in the year's to come.

    under water world moira hahn detail

    Throughout her career, Hahn has been a fearless explorer of visual art mediums including illustration, animation painting and printmaking. In her 20s, Hahn studied experimental animation at CalArts before going on to work in the animation industry, illustrating books and magazines for a New York agency. Hahn's clients went on to include popular peridicals such as Time magazine, Cosmopolitan, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and The New Yorker.

    Having spent several decades practicing and refining her craft, Hahn has become a notable name in her particular style of Asian-infused and inspired art. Traditional Chinese imagery and mythology are showcased vividly n her work, while contemporary American infusions-- such as skulls or particular characters for example-- can be found hidden within her work as well.

    under water world moira hahn wood print

    Available for a limited time, "Under Water World" is purchaseable between April 2nd- April 16th. To secure yours, be sure to click here and nab your print within the small window of time and avoid the dreaded FOMO effect.

    To catch Moira's original work in person, be sure to head to her upcoming solo show “Night of 1000 Fire Monkeys” at Gregorio Escalante Gallery opening April 9th at 7pm.

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