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  • Art Prints on Wood By Prints on Wood


    Art prints on wood. Artwork by Tara McPherson. Artwork by Tara McPherson.

    If you know Prints on Wood, then you know that art prints on wood are kind of what we do around here.  Continue Reading

  • Jeff Soto Art

    This week, we had the privilege to print some really cool pieces of art by Jeff Soto.

    Jeff Soto is a painter, illustrator, and muralist that has had many pieces of art displayed all over the world. He is considered an American contemporary artist. His artwork falls between Pop Surrealism and Street Art. His distinct color palette and art style has drawn many admirers and followers. Soto is well known for his graffiti art, illustrations, and other types of fine art.

    After reading a book called "Street Art," Soto was inspired to stencil his "Sotofish" designs on walls and signs. He adopted the name "Sotofish," and used it as a moniker for his art. After creating art for a few years, he took a break in 1999. Ten years later, a wave of inspiration in London set him back to painting.

    Displayed below are some examples of his wood prints:


    Jeff's artwork is now displayed in art galleries and museums all over the world. He has hosted many solo exhibits and has featured several of our wood prints.

    Many artists request wood prints because the canvas is unlike any other. The wood adds another dimension to the art and gives each piece a unique look and feel. The wood grain provides a vintage, subtle feel - one that cannot be replicated by any other type of canvas.


    To order a wood print of your own, click here.

  • POW Chats: Jeff Soto Talks Owls, Origins and Future Plans

    jeff soto owl 2 "Snow Owl" by Jeff Soto


    Prints on Wood chats with long-time painter, illustrator, muralist and POW collaborator, Jeff SotoCheck the Q&A below!

    1. Hi Jeff. You have been at this art thing for some time now and have gone through various thematic phases of your career. From your box boy to cat-like figures and other muses. You have taken a noticeable lean towards owls in recent years. How come?

    I enjoy nature and particularly birds. I've always found owls to be fascinating creatures and aesthetically beautiful. It's a creature of the night, so lives in the shadows yet can see very clearly. There's this thing in western culture that owls are wise, maybe they are... but I think they're most interesting as a night predator.

    Several years ago, I was exploring the ideas of life and death and felt that the owl could symbolize an older matriarch or patriarch of a family. I also envisioned the antlers as a sort of mix up, where the twisted antler tips could represent a family tree. There's more to it, but yes I have been working with the owl imagery quite often lately.

    2. You're an artist that seems to revisit tried-and-true characters in his work. I wonder, do they have names, back stories?

    I feel like anything an artist creates is fair game to re-explore. I feel like I jump around often artistically and when I look back there's ideas I didn't fully realize. So I return to older imagery or thoughts and create new work based on it occasionally. Some of the characters I have created may have some back story. Often the figures represent me or my situation at the time- or their meaning changes over the years!


    311 Concert Poster by Jeff Soto


    3. How do you feel your creative processes have changed over the years as you've adapted to your own rhythm and style?

    The basic way I work- sketch, write notes and then create has not changed much. But I feel that I have gotten slower... whereas a few years ago I'd work on multiple pieces at the same time. I'd have five or six paintings going on-- now I tend to work almost too slow and have to work on one at a time. I give each piece a little more love I think. I am interested in revisiting my old ways and work on ten pieces at a time. I think if I had a larger space, I'd try it again.

    4. What's your studio space like right now?

    I'm working out of a small spot at my house right now! I moved from a real nice large space to be home with my kids more, and to be able to work late easier. I enjoy it, though it's taken some getting used to. We're exploring the possibility of building a studio in our yard so I can have more space, but keep it close.

    5. What are your creative processes when getting ready to draft a piece? What types of rituals or practices get you in your zone leading up to beginning a painting, illustration or mural?

    I just draw and take notes and keep working on it till something clicks. Illustration work is different and sometimes tougher because you're trying to solve a problem visually and also please the client. But yeah, just a lot of drawing.


    jeff soto riverside mural Jeff Soto & Maxxer242 mural in Riverside, Ca


    6. You grew up around the Riverside, Ca area from what I understand, and spent time in the local graffiti scene in the 90s. Can you talk about those days of youth running around with a backpack full of spray cans and what the overall vibe of your life was like during those times?

    It was fun and I have fond memories of riding my bike around town to look for graffiti. Our art community was small, we knew most of the kids at our high school and maybe a few other schools in the area, but we knew nothing of what was going on in the next town, let alone the graf scene in L.A. This was all pre-internet, so it was a quest to go and meet other graffiti writers. No one was interested in having their identities discovered by the police, so we had to be careful who we spoke with. It was good times and we had fun, but when I look back, Southern CA in the early to mid 90's was dangerous!! It could get pretty crazy...

    7. What was the transition from street art into the gallery world like for your personally? What kind of dynamics were you met with when beginning to do exhibitions? Did the process of creating work change for you or become more difficult?

    I had a foot in both worlds early on. Or I should say, I was aware of both and wanted to do graffiti, but also show in galleries, some day. It was always a goal of mine. My first solo exhibit was in 2001, and it came at a time where I had given up on graffiti actually. I just felt it wasn't what I wanted to do and I couldn't hang with graf crew politics and all the bullshit. I'd been interested in showing my work in galleries since 1993, so it had been 8 years of working towards that, showing in coffee shops, member shows, juried exhibits, and of course painting walls. In 2000 I had given up on graffiti and pursued the gallery scene and illustration. I decided to pick up graffiti again in 2009 on a trip to London. It felt freeing this time and there were no constraints!


    "Floating in the Garden" by Jeff Soto


    8. What projects or creative obligations are you looking forward to in the coming months?

    I am painting a mural for Empellón Taqueria in NYC in a couple weeks, really looking forward to painting and eating there! There's plans in the works for Germany, Spain and Tokyo, currently working on these... and I am curating some shows for the Riverside Art Museum over the next couple years. Also the usual gig posters and some projects on my list with Prints On Wood. I have been super busy since last summer, and my to do list is several pages long... good problems, but I never seem to catch up.

    9. Completely aside from work or career obligations, what do you have going on personally that you're excited to dive into in the coming months?

    I have been taking an hour here and there to prepare my planters for our veggie garden. I missed last year because I was too busy, but this year I'm just.. making the time. I enjoy working outside, digging, building stuff. Its a very different frame of mind from making art. It's a good break. We will have some nice vegetables on the dinner table this summer!

    soto-memorial-of-forgotten-11x14_1 "Memorial of the Forgotten" by Jeff Soto
  • Watch: Air + Style x Prints on Wood Recap

    Last month, Prints on Wood set up shop for the weekend at Shaun White's Air + Style LA. The event was a highly attended, adrenaline-infused success, bringing together rad elements for lovers of music, snowboarding and visual arts.

    For the two-day half music festival, half extreme sports competition, Prints on Wood had the pleasure of hosting the production of four paintings by POW artists Nick Walker, Jeff Soto, KMNDZ and Bumblelovesyou. The celebrated artists live painted in real time for eager attendees, producing a team of awesome mini murals for the audience's viewing pleasure.

    Day 1 and Day 2 are chronicled here on the POW blog with a photo essay to illustrate each day, but to get an in action taste of the festivities, check out the video recap below!


  • Recap: Day 2 of Air + Style with Prints on Wood


    Prints on Wood wrapped up Day 2 of Air + Style Los Angeles  2016, Sunday February 21st with a lot of great memories en tow. The day began and ended with fans stopping in to pick up one of our 4 in. x 4 in. mini wood prints from our Air + Style 2016 artists Jeff Soto, Bumblebeelovesyou, Nick Walker and KMNDZ. Over the course of the two-day event, 800 mini prints found new homes, many of which were signed by the artists on site.


    Congregating over the love of art, extreme sports and music, Air + Style 2016 was a hugely enjoyable day for the artists and performers as well as the fans. Travis Barker, Kaskade and Incubus were among the performers of the night, adding a much appreciated soundtrack to the day's vibes. Several hours of painting brought into fruition 4 expertly rendered pieces by the aforementioned POW artists, which will make their way to a benefit show in Los Angeles this week!

    To view images of the day's festivities at the POW booth, as well as the lively happenings around A+S 2016, scroll below!







    Illustrator and painter Bumblebeelovesyou executed his signature striped style, creating a dreamy rendition of his original titled "Somewhere I'd Rather Bee," showcasing a kid and some very Cali-centric palm trees against an equally Cali sunset. Bumblebee enlisted the help of his friends during the weekend event to help color in portions of the piece seen above using markers, crayons and paint, adding to the community feel of the space and in line with the guy's bubbly personality. What's birthed is a crazy cool multi-medium piece with big kid vibes in the art and execution.



    jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-3  jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-5  jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-7   jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-10

    jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-11  jeff-soto-prints-on-wood-air-style-13


    Painter and muralist Jeff Soto brought quite a few smiles to the Prints on Wood creative space, with plenty of fans stopping in to nab photos and chat with the artist while he executed up his colorful and layered panel. Sans his signature owls, Soto reached for a different animal representation for this piece, one of which may very well be a mythical creature straight from the Soto thought process. Furry, antlered and faceless, the creature is a very cool execution of a mix between the Abominable Snowman and an elk. Of course, Jeff Soto can bring this odd description to life with some expert skill and cool usage of paint brushes and spray cans.



    Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez kept it elegant and simple, offering up the imagery of a bird mid-flight, narrowly missed by an arrow. As the definite romantic among us, Johnny's work speaks volumes to sentimental vibes and all things that pull at the heart strings. Check out an interview with KMNDZ from this year's DesignerCon 2016 to get a feel for the artist.





    nick-walker-prints-on-wood-air-style-5  nick-walker-prints-on-wood-air-style-6


    Stencil artist Nick Walker came through with a super unique piece for A+S 2016. Titled "Numbers," Nick adds a visual layer to the piece using numerical stencils to represent his background. The artist's varied range of work can be seen here, as well as his recently released limited run  piece titled "Amour Plated."






    Till next year!

  • Recap: Day 1 of Air + Style with Prints on Wood

    Day one of  Air + Style Los Angeles 2016 successfully kicked off today at Expo Park at the Coliseum in Downtown Los Angeles. Per usual, Prints on Wood was happily in the building soaking in the extreme sports and music-centric vibes. 24 athletes competed on the event's 16-story snow jump, while eleven musicians took to the stage including J. Cole, A-Trak, Action Bronson and A$AP Ferg.

    Founded in 1993 by Andrew Hourmount, the event was the first Big Air snowboarding event of its kind. Since '93, Air + Style has held 27 editions of the competition in locations such as Austria, Germany, China and the US, drawing in thousands of fans. This year was no different, as several thousand attendees flowed through the Expo Park fair grounds, enjoying the festivities, catching the Big Air show, peeping musicians, picking up free POW prints and stopping in to watch this year's POW lineup of artists get down.

    Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez, Jeff Soto, Bumblebeelovesyou and Nick Walker started on the early stages of 4 wood panels that will shape up to become a few fantastic works by the end of Day Two. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how things pan out. To see shots of the fest grounds and festivities, images of the performers, the monstrous 16-story ramp and our POW artists in action, scroll below!



    Families and friends looked on at the gigantic 16-story snow ramp set up at Air + Style 2016. The finalists of the day's competition include:

    KADONO, Yuki
    MCMORRIS, Mark
    SANDBECH, Stale
    PARROT, Max
    BERGREM, Torgeir
    KLEVELAND, Marcus
    SHARPE, Darcy
    WILLETT, Eric
    CICCARELLI, Michael
    HANSEN, Kim Rune
    TONTERI, Roope
    TRUCHON, Antoine
    THORGREN, Sven
    TOUTANT, Sebastien
    MACK, Kyle
    PIIROINEN, Peetu
    DE BUCK, Sebbe
    PREISSINGER, Maximilian
    MOUTON, Boris
    ROISLAND, Mons
    MILLAUER, Clemens






    More angles of the ramp in action, plus, a couple of snap shots of the festival's host, Shaun White.






    Bumblebeelovesyou hanging out in the Prints on Wood section working on his wood panel piece, plus signing one of his mini prints for a fan. Environmentalist group Global Inheritance had their Rain Supreme team on the grounds during the event as well, with a full-on art show displaying water canisters painted by a medley of artists, including Bumblebee!








    A look at Day 1 Air + Style 2016 performers All Time Low, Allie X, Action Bronson, Paz and Haim! The crowds were pumped the entire day from start to finish, with each performer putting in work for a high intensity show.


    Fans pose by a David Bowie tribute piece water canister at the Rain Supreme exhibition.







    Over at the POW tent, festival attendees got their hands on a variety of free mini prints from Bumblebeelovesyou, Jeff Soto, Nick Walker and KMNDZ.






    Nick Walker adding in some elements to his piece during Day 1 of Air + Style utilizing his signaure stencil style. Below that, you can get a look at Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez' piece in the foreground, and a glimpse of Jeff Soto's work in the background.



    A look at the 5 Points tent, where festival attendees were welcomed to work on an Air + Style group mural, adding in whatever artistic elements they'd like.








    ASAP Ferg was a crowd favorite of the night, keeping energy high at the event's 'City Stage.' And of course we can't forget about A-Trak, offering the crowd a high intensity mix to ring in the night. J Cole was the long-awaited finale out the night on the event's 'Mountain Stage, closing out the show. Check out a video of Day 1 festival highlights here!

  • Are you Ready: POW x Air + Style 2016 Going Down Feb. 20th- 21st

    air style

    It's that time again! Extreme sports athlete Shaun White is hosting yet another year of his highly anticipated Air + Style Sports and Music Festival. Beginning February 20th, the two-day event features entertainment from top international athletes including Eric Willet, Antoine Truchon, Markus Kleveland and He Wei. The tour athletes will be dishing out pro tricks on the event's gigantic snow ramp, keeping all of our adrenaline high.

    Of course, you can't forget about the undeniably on point music line up offered at this year's event. From Travis Barker performing on the drums, then hitting us with a DJ set, to Action Bronson and headliner, J. Cole, this is a stand out year for the fest for sure.

    POW attended last year's Air + Style and can vouch the event is quite unlike any other event offered locally in LA. Half extreme sports and half music festival, it brings the best of both worlds to the forefront. And since art is the world's universal language, you know we had our hand in the festivities as well.

    Last year, we brought along Greg Craola Simkins, James Haunt and Jeff Soto to paint live or audiencesThis year, we couldn't be happier to announce that we'll have Jeff Soto returning, as well as Nick Walker, Bumblebee Loves You and Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez coming along for the ride, and painting live with us at Air + Style!

    Each of the four artist will be undertaking a 4 foot by 8 foot wood panel, creating something awesome for our viewing pleasure. Additionally, we're stoked to announce that we'll have 4 in. by 4 in. mini wood prints to share with Air + Style attendees. Be very sure to stop by and nab one of these mini prints, and catch our artist roster in action. See you this weekend, February 20th and 21st, at Air + Style!


  • POW x DesignerCon 2015

    designercon 2015

    This weekend, the POW team soaked up our fair share of art appreciation and positive vibes while in lovely Pasadena, Ca attending the third annual DesignerCon.
    DCon brings together the who's who in the worlds of custom art, illustrations, apparel, miniatures, and all around exclusive finds. With over 70,000 sq. ft. and over 300 vendors to explore, this event is a yearly MUST for anyone intrigued by the design trade.

    2015 brought an all-star lineup to the convention overall, but the energy was well-felt over at booth #512. Several of our favorite artists came to hang out and sign prints; the roster included Mab Graves, Jermaine Rogers, Buff Monster, Camille Rose Garcia, Luke Chueh, Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez, Bioworkz, Joe Ledbetter and Jeff Soto.

    Over the two-day event, wood prints found new homes, laughs were shared, good times were had, but also photographed; and since photos are totally worth a thousand words, see below for visuals of DCon 2015 and be sure to check back soon for updates and interviews with Buff Monster, Mab Graves, KMNDZ, Jermaine Rogers and more!

    designercon joe ledbetter prints on wood

    Joe Ledbetter graced DCon with this wall installation, where a team of POW 1 of 1 prints hung out for the weekend. Below, see work from Ron English (left), KMNDZ (center) and Buff Monster (right).

    designercon prints on wood buff monster kmndz ron english

    designercon prints on wood kmndz

    Throughout the course of the event, KMNDZ live painted, shaping up a sweet tribute piece centered around some of our favorite characters and their original illustrator's noteworthy designs. Can you spot any?

    kmndz designercon

    Fans lined up for a chance to get a doodle from Mab Graves as soon as she entered the booth. The intoxicating, humorous and welcoming demeanor of the artist adds volumes to her dreamy illustrative appeal. Worth noting, the Indiana born artist's backstory into the art world is about as surreal as her paintings. We've got the proof.

    designercon prints on wood mab graves

    mab graves the feral exodus designercon prints on wood

    designercon prints on wood jermaine rogers

    Photographed here: Rock illustrator and man of many-a-positive vibes, Jermaine Rogers signing. prints of "The Exchange." Below, a look at his 1 of 1 large format print titled "Frida and Vincent."

    designercon prints on wood jermaine rogers frida and vincent

    designercon prints on wood ron english stormtrooper grin

    Photographed here: Ron English's "Stormtrooper Grin."

    buff monster prints on wood designer con2

    designercon prints on wood buff monster self portrait

    designercon prints on wood buff monster

    Put Buff Monster at a booth for an hour with a Sharpie in hand and the people will come. After his signing, the busy man of melty talents sat down for a one-on-one conversation about his brand new book, the Renaissance era and why he paints melty things. Get the insight here.

    designercon camille rose garcia prints on wood

    designercon prints on wood camille rose garcia

    Over Dcon weekend, Camille Rose Garcia talked art and inspiration with fans while signing prints, note pads and copies of her various books. With titles ranging from Tragic Kingdom, The Saddest Place on Earth and her latest, Mirror, Black Mirror, she brought the magical gloom in the most ingenious of ways. Filled with all-telling creatures, inquisitive spirits and a sense of macabre intrigue, her work is some of the most easily distinguishable in the dark arts.

    designercon prints on wood luke chueh

    Painter/designer Luke Chueh took time out to attract some star attention. A favorite of many intrigued by the areas of "lowbrow" pop art, he is beloved for his "Hello Lukey" reiteration among many other minimalist adaptations of familiar images.

    designercon prints on wood luke chueh 4

    designercon prints on wood luke chueh hello lukey

    designercon prints on wood luke chueh 3

    designercon prints on wood luke chueh 5

    designercon prints on wood (3)

    designercon prints on wood 4

    designercon prints on wood jeff soto

    designercon prints on wood jeff soto2

    Hundreds of these little guys found new homes over the weekend, with one of POW's biggest giveaways having taken place at DCon. Snapping a photo of the POW booth, posting it to Instagram, then tagging and hashtagging @PrintsonWood is all that was needed to talk away with one of these Jeff Soto owl prints. DCon attendees were given the opportunity to grab a print, then take it right behind the POW booth over to Jeff's to get it signed. Convenience at its finest.

    designercon jeff soto

    designercon prints on wood bioworkz

    Photographed here: 1 of 1 "Ornate Elephant" by Bioworkz. View all of Bioworkz work available through POW here.


  • Seeker Friends Elements - FIRE!


    Jeff Soto revisits his popular "Seeker Friends" print series with "Elements". Long fascinated by the ancient elements, Soto has created a print set that pays homage to the magic and mystery of times long ago. Nine elements will make up the complete set including Fire, Water, Earth, Life and more. Each is a 6" x 6" print on wood and come signed and numbered. The individual prints will be available during a timed event only one day per month.

    The first print available will be "Fire". Fire creates light where there is dark, fire is passion, and the giver of warmth. But it's also the destroyer. Fire is playful and naughty as well!

  • Jeff Soto - Seeker Friends - Original Painting Giveaway


    Just when you thought the Seeker Friends wood print series from Jeff Soto couldn’t get any cooler, it just did. Today, late in the evening, Jeff announced that he will be giving away the original Guitarist Seeker Friend painting to one random person who orders the print on wood.

    WHAT THE??

    That’s right, you read it correctly. Jeff Soto will be giving away the original Seeker Friends Guitarist painting, a 5.5” x 5.5" acrylic on archival Arches watercolor paper, to one random person who orders the Guitarist wood print that will be released tomorrow August 2, 2012 (GMT-7).

    Details will be released as they are given to us, but for now all you gotta’ do is make sure you order the Seeker Friends #5 Guitarist print on wood and it will make you eligible to receive the original. Awesome right!?

    New to the wood Seeker Friends wood prints timed edition series? Every first Thursday of the month a new Seeker Friend will be released at our website. It will only be available for purchase for 24 hours. Once that window of time has closed, it never opens again and the total number of prints sold in that time period determine the print-count for that piece. That being said, another Seeker Friend - The Guitarist - will be available for purchase tomorrow @ noon for 24 hours.

    Photo above: Original Guitarist Seeker Friends #5 Painting by Jeff Soto, 5.5" x 5.5" acrylic on archival Arches watercolor paper

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