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    We wanted to share with you a special project our good friend Caia Koopman has found so important she is spending the next year of her life 100% dedicated to it.  Casson Trenor and Caia Koopman are working on a super fun, and super important project and they need YOUR HELP! They have joined forces to create UMIJOO, and informative children's book with a message that focuses on the importance of the Ocean and the relationship between the human race and this eco system.

    UMIJOO is the story of a young girl who embarks on a magical journey underwater, where she learns the increasing pressure the world's ocean faces against overfishing, dumping, and habitat destruction. UMIJOO will feature brand new, one of a kind Caia Koopman paintings, helping to weave the world of UMIJOO into existence, one page at a time.


    While Casson and Caia have begun working on this project already, they started an initiative on Patreon to help fund the ambitious project. Over the next year, the UMIJOO Book Project hopes to raise 40k to fund this project that will enlighten and educate children of all ages about the very importance of ocean conservation.

    Like most crowd funded projects, backers can receive a wide array of benefits such as artwork sneak peaks, signed prints, lapel pins, and various other small gifts depending on the amount of their donation. (I don't know about you, but that octopus pin is pretty sweet!)  Join us as we support Caia and Casson in this journey with UMIJOO.

    Donate / Learn more about Caia Koopman's project UMIJOO at https://www.patreon.com/umijoo

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