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  • App Review: Snapseed

    It seems as though today, everyone has a high powered digital camera in their back pocket or purse, capable of taking stunning images at the slight tap of a finger. But if you ask me, what good is a nice phone camera without the right tools to get the most out of your photos? I've just downloaded Snapseed, one of the most popular editing apps out there. The Google-owned photo app claims to enhance your scenic landscapes and selfies in a quick and easy way, allowing you to showcase them at their fullest potential. Today, we'll put this claim to the test.

    Snapseed loads swiftly to a clean minimalist screen that features an "open photo" button which allows you to capture a picture or grab one from your photo-stream.


    As usual, I scrolled through the archives and found something I could put to work.

    Tapping on the bottom right icon leads you to the editing options which separates the sections by tools and filters. In tools, you've got the standard controls, like Crop, Rotate, and Tune Image which we'll check out a bit.

    After hitting the Tune Image button, you're lead to back to the photo-page to begin editing.

    Fingers ready to swipe and slide, I scanned the screen, looking for the editing toolbar. Now, this usually lays below the screen or to the side. After a few seconds of experimentation, I found that this app operates with a interface completely different from that of its competitors.


    Swiping up and down on the photo selects the effect and swiping right to left adjust its strength. Odd chance you get confused, there's a vertical ellipses that rests in the top right corner. tapping on it leads you a number of options including Help & Feedback.

    Back to Tune Image, If you're new to the world of photo-editing or you simply don't feel like toying around with adjustments, Snapseed makes things easy for you by giving an Auto Correct button. At the swift tap of  a button, Snapseed corrects your image's contrast and color. I applied that then swiped down to see what else the tools had in store.


    With the Tune Image tool , I tweaked the brightness a bit, decreased warmth, increased saturation, and increased the highlights. Usually, there's no way I would remember all these steps. The app comes in handy here, by showing my action history when I select the middle button in the top right.

    The photo app takes things a step further with its Selective Adjust tool. With this feature, you can select a section of your photo to be adjusted in brightness, contrast, or saturation. You're also given the options to cut, delete, or expand the area affected. I decided to go with a simple effect here and increased the saturation of the center.

    And now for the good stuff, FILTERS. Snapseed offers 12 filters with an even wider array of options for each filter. After testing out a few filters, I went with Retrolux

    Looking to give my photo a little bit of a kick, I added a frame which I soon realized wasn't working out. If you decide to undo an edit, as I have, you can tap the vertical ellipses menu  which holds the options "undo, redo, and revert"
    unnamed-1 I hit undo, and decided to stick with this as my final product. What a beaut! Once you've made the adjustments to your liking, you can head to back to the vertical ellipses button to share or open your photo in another app.

    Not a bad photo editing app, it has all the basic features plus a few extra, I give it 3 stars.  Definitely will work to make a beautiful custom print on wood


    For more information on Snapseed visit: https://support.google.com/snapseed

  • The Remix Project

    Here at Prints on Wood, we like to help and involve ourselves with people who we can help put a smile on their face. We had the amazing opportunity to print and donate a few wood prints for the students at The Remix Project. The Remix Project is an academy that was started to help young people that have a disadvantage and are in under served communities. The Remix Project wanted to gives these students an opportunity to express themselves through a creative circuit by providing educational programs and facilities to help these students succeed.


    (Anna Keenan & her 5 students)

    We worked together with Anna Keenan, an extremely talented photographer who has photographed for many celebrities and other popular productions, to help her with a photography class of 5 students she taught at The Remix Project. She was able to give these students many opportunities, along with bringing in models and photographers to help them with this amazing artistic journey. (Below is a group photo of the models and photographs with her students).
    Remix Project + Studio Shoot
    Will Mars
    Chad Dickinsonchad_dickenson_Careof_karla_moy
    Above are few of the students that were available to take a photograph with their artwork. When these photos printed on wood were received by the students their faces lit up. It's amazing how such a simple act can put a smile on someone's face.
    More information on Anna Keenan's students click the link below
  • Ed Colver x Exene Cervenka Timed Release


    For his fourth release with Prints on Wood, Ed Colver brings forth an iconic portrait of Exene Cervenka, poet, artist, headline-maker and rock goddess of California punk band, X.

    Active since 1977, X is still in motion after nearly 40 years in the industry. Cervenka and long-time band-mates, John Doe and Billy Zoom are currently touring across several states, right now in with Seattle, WA with four more stops to go. The legendary act holds its place in music history as one of the West Coast punk bands to prevail in the scene's small heyday.

    Of course, present during the time as well was punk rock photographer, Ed Colver. “I was omnipresent," Colver explains to a FIDM reporter in 2011. "I was out everywhere. Back in those days, the shows were small, but the bands were good.”

    Well-known throughout the music landscape for his momentous captures, Colver has become an authority on the topics of composition and timing. In 2011, Ed was invited to sit in as an industry insider for Instructor Kevin Reagan‘s graphic design course at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Los Angeles (FIDM).


    In 2012, LA Times covered Colver's group photo exhbition 'Faraway So Close: Photographs of Los Angeles in the '80s' at Morono Kiang Gallery. On the topic of one of Ed's photos, Times writer Randy Lewis explains:

    "Colver's photo of the scene outside a Hollywood Boulevard theater at the 1981 premiere of Penelope Spheeris' celebrated punk documentary "The Decline of Western Civilization" communicates volumes about the combative atmosphere from which punk arose like a weed through a crack in a sidewalk: The street is lined with dozens of police motorcycles, setting the stage for battle."

    From capturing the rise of Bad Brains, to gaining early access to young Keith Morris (Black Flag) and Mike Ness (Social Distorition), Colver' photos have been pivotal in representing and adding context to what has become one of the most scarcely documented, but culturally iconic subcultures in American history.

    To grab a limited run print of Exene Cervenka, photographed by Ed Colver and printed on 1/2" sustainable birch wood, available now till January 6, 2016, click here. The print is available both with, or without a frame, to fit your home or office decor needs.

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