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  • New Print Alert! Shepard Fairey Set to Release Limited Edition Art Print x Coffee Table Hybrid

    shepard fairey prints on wood coffee table

    OBEY founder and street art icon, Shepard Fairey, has been engaging audiences with his unique brand of artful propaganda for decades, and now, the artist, designer and political visionary is releasing an extra special piece to add to and extend his collection of art prints, apparel and home decor products.

    coffee table shepard fairey prints on wood

    Available April 27th, Fairey gears up to release "Hi Fidelity," an art print that simultaneously operates as a stylish and functional coffee table. This exclusive, handmade art piece is hand-embellished and features stenciled black and gold spray paint creating its unique design. Consisting of signature OBEY insignia, the print showcases a distinctly recognizable Andre the Giant visage, plus the referencing of musical signage and symbolism.

    hi fidelity coffee table shepard fairey

    "Hi Fidelity," -- Fairey's 10th Prints on Wood release -- is limited to only 15 hand- numbered, signed and resined prints. Preparing itself to be one of the most unforgettable products to come from the Sheperd Fairey/OBEY creative dynasty, "Hi Fidelity" will be a super versatile piece for art collectors to enjoy.

    hi fidelity shepard fairey coffee table

    Capable of dual uses, this 40 in. x 40 in. print on solid black walnut hardwood frame consists of a satin finish, and is capable of being either hung or used as a stand alone coffee table by simply attaching the steel hairpin 10 in. handmade legs-- which will come in a separate box with hardware included. To nab this unique art print x coffee table hybrid for yourself, be sure to click here on April 27th and order yours.

    prints on wood coffee table shepard fairey

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