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  • Boing Boing's Weekend of Wonder

    Boing Boing's Weekend of Wonder may be over, but the whirlwind of activities and goodie bag full of tech toys is leaving my head spinning from a weekend full of unexpected surprises.  If you are not familiar, Boing Boing is a blog that covers a variety of topics like technology, fringe culture, science, politics, gadgets and more. This self established web blog has grown tremendously over the years from its humble beginnings as a print zine in 1988.  The ever evolving Boing Boing crew created this intimate event in cahoots with some of our favorite people, Baby Tattoo Books, where art, innovation, magic, comedy and technology came together.

    boing boing crew at weekend of wonder

    Boing Boing Crew at Weekend of Wonder (Photo: Star Foreman)

    Once we found out the weekend was to be hosted at the Mission Inn in Riverside, we thought it would be only fitting to see if they wanted to visit the Prints on Wood factory.  No only did they say yes, but they persuaded Starry Kitchen, an LA Asian fusion pop up restaurant, to bring some of their famous Crispy Tofu Balls for everyone to munch on during the tour.  Besides the Crispy Tofu Balls, the other best part of Starry Kitchen is the banana suit Nguyen Tran wears while serving up his delicious food.

    Starry kitchen banana man

    Starry Kitchen's owner Nguyen Tran in his favorite banana suit. (Photo: Star Foreman)

    The tour began with a little history on how the Prints on Wood story began back in 2005 with the Sea No Evil Art Show and then evolved into what it has become today.  There was also a quick overview of the evolution of the Shepard Fairey Lotus Woman coffee table from the R&D stage thru to the finished tables.

    Weekend of Wonder at Prints on Wood

     A brief history of Prints on Wood by founder Derric Swinfard

    The tour ended with watching the transformation of a sheet of wood into a fine art wood print.  A special thanks to Coop for collaborating with us on the print and signing the 100 limited edition prints exclusive to the Weekend of Wonder attendees.

    Coop print on wood weekend of wonder

    Coop at the Prints on Wood factory with his print "hot off the press"

    Saturday and Sunday were filled with workshops on making juggling balls, then learning how to juggle, getting out of straight jacket, picking locks, some slight of hand card tricks and uncovering a 50 year old puzzle with artifacts both written and real.

    Straight jacket escape with Andrew Mayne

    Straight Jacket escape by Andrew Mayne (Photo: Star Foreman)

    Not to mention a tour of the catacombs beneath the hotel that showcased the mysterious and meticulous work of Thomas Kuntz automatas.

    Thomas Kuntz automata weekend of wonder

    Thomas Kuntz in the Mission Inn catacombs with one of his automata (Photo: Star Foreman)

    The Weekend of Wonder lived up to it's name and then surpassed it.  We are already trying to figure out a way to be apart of this event again next year.   Click this link to see more pictures from the Weekend of Wonder.


    For more information on Boing Boing and Weekend of Wonder please visit: http://boingboing.net/

    For more information on Baby Tattoo Books, please visit:  http://www.babytattoo.com/

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