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"The Wanderers" by Tara McPherson

We've got a lot of prints headed to the upcoming Designer Convention in November.

Today, we'll be focusing on the work of Tara McPherson - a renowned artist from New York City. She was born in San Francisco in 1976 and raised in LA, California. McPherson is known for creating magical art about people and the complexities of human nature. She creates otherworldly characters to give us a sneak peek into the complexities of the human mind and psyche. Her artwork focuses on myths, legends, astronomy, love, loss, and life.

Tara McPherson has been named the crown princess of poster art by ELLE magazine, and has created many posters for large rock bands. Her work has also been published in many books - as well as films.  Tara's art is displayed in magazines, art galleries, and shows from all over the world. To read more about her, click the link here.

Here's a great new piece she's created called "The Wanderers":


This fine art wood print will be one of the marquee prints at our Designer Con booth.  Designer Con is an annual art and design convention that brings together over 350 artists,  vendors, distributors, and retailers to share art, designer toys, apparel, and etc. This two-day event takes place on November 19th & 20th, with tickets ranging from $10-$25.


Want to see Tara and get a chance to purchase some of her artwork? Purchase your ticket for DCon today!