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Top Five Worst Graduation Gifts

Have you checked your Facebook feed lately? Chances are it's been flooded with pictures from kindergarten graduations...college graduations...grad school graduations, moving out of your parents' house graduations...and on and on and on. To kick off the celebration season, (and save a few graduates) we came up with the top five worst grad gifts that are sure to be received with an awkward grin or a muffled "thank you."

(Names have been withheld to protect the innocent)

#5: A celebratory lunch- with a buy one get one free voucher


#4: Cards
Or let's be specific: Cards without money. A graduation card without money is pretty much equivalent to wrapping an empty box and putting it under the Christmas tree for your child. Expectations are heightened then crushed at the big reveal.


#3: A copy of "Oh, The Places You'll Go"
You may think an inspirational children's book sounds like a cute, little way to say "congrats!" But So will 10 other family members and friends. Don't be the 11th.


#2: Forget the new iPad, good old "helpful" advice.
"These words of wisdom" usually begin with the graduate being dragged away from their celebration for a rambling speech and somewhat relevant anecdote about how life's a kicker and it's all down hill from here.


#1: Any sort of office supplies.
The only person that would be ecstatic to receive a red stapler would be the guy in Office Space. Just him.


There you have it! Our top worst graudation gifts! You might want to avoid these this graduation season...or any other, season for that matter!

While it's customary to slip your grad a hallmark card and some bills, this year, reward the graduate in your life with something they can cherish.

Whether it be a photo of a cherished portrait or their favorite piece of art, a special memory printed on wood is a sure, safe purchase and more importantly, the perfect gift.

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