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Totem by Joe Ledbetter Release

Totem by joe ledbetter prints on wood_animated_

Extremely creative and talented artist, Joe Ledbetter, is an illustrator and toy designer who has created multiple pieces influenced by animation, underground comics, and 1980's video games. His pieces all share a unique style of bright colors, distinct lines and interesting animated creatures. He aims to incorporate human attributes and personalities to his fictional characters.

Totem prints on wood release

He has created over 100 different toys that all display unique humanly personality traits. For example, Ledbetter has created a "Lava" characters series that depicts the primal part of humans. He was inspired by the idea of when things of this world are destroyed, they often lead to new opportunities and beginnings, similarly to when Lava destroys large land masses; however, it's a natural disaster that needs to happen in order for life to thrive. He states, "Sometimes, in order to create you must destroy. Tear it all down and start anew."

Totem prints on wood release2

Prints on Wood had the opportunity to work with Joe Ledbetter to create and release an awesome print sculpture. This totem print plays with many different dimensions of art by bringing 2 piece wooden prints that intersects together to create a unique multi-dimensional sculpture. Joe Letterbed incorporates vibrant colors and unique patterns on each head of the totem pole. This sculpture also consists of a various emotions and personalities.

Totem prints on wood release3

Totem by Joe Ledbetter will be releasing on October 22-27, 2015 11 PM (Pacific). Unfortunately, this release will be timed because each totem is individually and carefully produced, which will take a tad bit longer than most pieces. So don't miss out on the date and order within 6 days to receive your signed Totem sculpture! We will only be producing the number of orders we make within those 6 days. Order yours here.

The Totem's Dimensions
24.5" x 15.5" flat (62.23 x 39.37 cm)
24.5" x 15.5" x 15.5" standing (62.23 x 39.37 x 39.37 cm)
$250 USD