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PIC1Opening Night!

This past weekend, Prints On Wood had the pleasure of attending the Twice Told Tales Art Show, taking place at the Flower-Pepper Gallery in Downtown Pasadena. We were inspired to make an appearance when we discovered several of our gallery artists were exhibiting brand new art pieces inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairytales.

peepsCool Art + Cool People

Any pre-conceived notions we had about the evening were left at the door since what we found inside superseded all of our expectations. Right when we entered the gallery, we were greeted with a warm enchanting vibe. Everyone in attendance was super friendly and easy to talk to regardless of status.

snobsArt Snobs

Be it the owner of the gallery, (who was cool), the curator of the event (who was cool too) or the artists exhibiting (equally as cool)… even the weird homeless guy who snuck inside to snack on the Hors d'oeuvre was affable. We felt incredibly welcome.

tcThe Chung!

The best part of the night is when we actually got to hobnob with some of our artists. We got a chance to kick it with David Chung, Ruel Pascual, and Deanna Adona, which allowed both sides to finally put a face with the name. It was kind of like meeting your Internet crush in person for the first time. (Except it was less creepy/disappointing)


Andy & Andrew of Prints On Wood holding it down with artist, Deanna Adona

If you didn’t get a chance to make it out for the opening, you should swing by and take a look. Flower-Pepper also has a rad little corner/book section in the back of the gallery where we spent many hard earned hours of pay on some lovely artistic tomes. We were even fortunate enough to get this “sweet” painting from Tiffany Liu


Killers of Sugar Sweet Forest by Tiffany Liu

Tiffany was so pumped we bought her painting, she gave us the ok to convert this lovely piece into a fine art wood print.  So keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of weeks for this awesome release in mid to late March.

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