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Valentine's Day with Java Monster

We were really feeling the love this week when energy drink mogul, Java Monster, reached out to us with an exciting new print project for Valentines Day. The themed project features, L.A. based graffiti fine artist, Samir Evol Arghandiwall, a.k.a EVOL, who’s highly demanded art work can be easily identified on canvases and murals across the globe.

pic 1The limited edition art piece EVOL created for Java Monster was brought to life using a mixture of watercolors, acrylic, gouache, and ink. This exclusive piece featured a couple sharing a Valentine’s day kiss. Check out a quick inside view Java Monster provided on the project.

Excited would be an understatement in describing how we felt to have the honor of completing the last step in making the exclusive illustration.  Printed on our natural gloss finish to complement EVOL’s signature use of white space.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.46.12 PM

A hundred copies of the lovely couple were printed and shipped off to Java Monster to be used for a Valentine’s Day giveaway.  (Want in on the love they’re sharing? Head over to Java Monster's Facebook page to find out how you can score the one of limited edition wood prints.)  Its been a fun working on the one of a kind art piece. Check in again to see what we’ll have going on next time.