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WeWork Wood Prints

Some businesses like to offer advice to their customers. Other businesses like to gently give instructional directions to their customers. Well, WeWork does both with a bit of humor and wood! WeWork provides a shared workspace/community for entrepreneurs and many others that are looking to have a space for business.


We recently teamed up with WeWork and helped bring their business signage (not to mention their great sense of humor) onto these custom wood prints, which serve to help their customers out from a cup of coffee to phone booths. WeWork works to provide some of the best office spaces from Los Angeles to New York, so it makes sense that they have awesome signage to match their facilities.


Getting instructional signage is beneficial for your business because it grabs your audience's attention. By having instructions on wood, customers are more likely to notice the signs because of unique way your business is trying to communicate. Get your custom signage today! For a custom quote, look here.