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Wood Prints for Peace

the peace project_ POWThe Whole 9 is an online community that brings together creative minds such as, artists, photographers, writers, musicians, you name it! It's a place where people can connect and show case their work. The Whole 9 not only allows people to connect online, but they also hold workshops and seminars for people to explore their creativity and use it to enlighten this world.

One of their most recent projects is The Peace Project, which is a project that helps accomplish world peace through the works of artists and creative minds. Through their works, they raise funds to help support peace and justice in areas such as Africa. The Peace Project finds problems around the world and creates solutions by addressing them: a major goal for change.

We had the privilege in creating 70 wood prints for The Whole 9 gallery's Peace Project, a traveling art exhibit that debuted at the Culver City's Affair of the Arts last weekend. The Affair of the Arts was a day long event where 60 photographers, painters, artists, and more came to support The Peace Project. This exhibit features artists's visions of peace and passion for change in the world.  

Here is more about what the Peace project has done with the funds they raised from the sale of the photo wood prints.

• Educated dozens of children in Sierra Leone, Africa.?
• Distributed 10,000 pairs of crutches to amputees, war victims, polio survivors and mothers and children in Sierra Leone on World Peace Day, 2011.
• Designed a Peace Museum for Sierra Leone in conjunction with the United Nations.
• Created and produced Peace Tips, specially designed crutch tips that last one year, extend the life of crutches and greatly improve mobility for users.
• Designed a house that can be built in less than a day and then built 40 of them (plus our first Peace Center) for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Currently, they are working to bring skills training to the Peace Center in the Philippines and designing a Peace Center that we’ll build in Sierra Leone adjacent to the Slaughter House, one of the most infamous sites of violence during the recent civil war. Sierra Leone’s Peace Center will be operated by their trusted partners from Community Association for Psychosocial Services.
Information by http://www.thewhole9.com/thepeaceproject-home.php