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For the longest time, Valentine’s Gifts were solely limited to the two aisles in the seasonal section of your favorite discount store. Which is usually picked clean by the time you get there, limiting your gift options between a bag full of fun sized Mars bars and a white stuffed animal holding a velvet red heart. Neither of which convey the sense of any real time or effort spent on your loved one, not to mention most store bought Valentine’s stuff is pretty cheesy and generic.

That's why this Valentine’s Day, we suggest getting your lover something as special as they make you feel with an Artistic Wood Print! Don’t know which one to get? Here’s three of our favorite artists whose work goes hand in hand with the spirit of this holiday!



Chock full of whimsical wide-eyed women and fun feathered friends, Jerimiah’s artwork reaches critical levels of cuteness without feeling forced or gimmicky, radiating a sweet and gentle energy with his combination of fluorescent colors. It might not be a heart-shaped box of chocolates, but the artwork of Jerimiah Ketner looks how candy tastes… sweet!




Lidija specializes in illustrating dreamy floral patterns, offering several color variations of the same design, which when displayed side by side, could be considered a…. beautiful bouquet? Ok, maybe I’m forcing the whole Valentine's / Flowers parallel a little too hard, but we’re pretty sure if you give one of these as a gift this February, you and your Valentine will definitely be putting your tulips together. (GET IT!?) ;)



Tara’s artwork is so beautiful, it’s like a Valentine for your eyes. With a recurring theme of a heart-shaped holes going straight through the chest of her gorgeous glowing girls, some might see this symbolistic of love lost. Although given the inviting stares and subtle smirks of her vibrant vixens, I’d like to think they’re waiting for something / someone to come along and fill the hole in their hearts with love, making them whole.