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Woodlands Church - wood print collage

Giving back is a huge aspect of being part of your community. Whether you are a profitable company donating money to local charities or just volunteering a few hours when you get the chance, giving back makes your community a better place. Some of the best communities to live in became what they are just from people of the community giving back in some shape or form. Your community can be your block, city, county, or the whole world….either way make the effort to give back to it in some way!

Wood print collage

Almost every company finds some way to give back, and a lot of companies are built around donating to the community. Warby Parker, for example, donates a pair of glasses to someone in the developing world for every pair purchased on their website, making a significant contribution to their community and improving the lives of over half a million people and counting. While larger companies can make larger contributions such as Warby Parker, giving back to your community in any magnitude makes a difference.

The people at Woodlands Church have grasped this and have set up a mission program in order to give back to their community. Rather than just focusing on their immediate community, the mission program at Woodlands Church has local and global missions, giving back to both their direct and global communities. Some of the countries they have served in include Haiti, Honduras, India, Guatemala, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic. Our global community has received a great deal of help through the missions at Woodlands Church, and they wanted to show how their work contributes to our daily lives.

coffee beans wood print collage


With one of the coolest concepts I’ve personally ever seen for a custom print on wood, Woodlands Church created a collage of 5 pictures, showing the process of where we get our coffee and the source of the beans. Now, instead of this print being one piece of wood, it is paneled into 6 different pieces of wood, giving it an amazing visual effect. This print results in a collage of 5 pictures, split into 6 different wood prints. Complicated? Possibly….Brilliant? Undoubtedly. This print is a great, artistic representation showing where we get coffee from which is a reminder of the work done in our global communities by Woodlands Church.