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As a youthful business specializing in a creative and exciting market, we may seem to some like a typical start-up website. What you might not realize is that one of the single most definitive factors that sets our business apart from our competition, besides our commitment and loyalty to our clients, is our commitment and loyalty to the environment.

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We understand that the planet doesn't belong solely to one person or generation, but to all its inhabitants. In short, since the Earth belongs to us all, it's the responsibility of us all to care for it, both for ourselves as well as for future generations to enjoy. Since the inception of this company, we have fully understood the importance of this, including the economic and environmental advantages of harvesting a renewable source of energy. This is why we have had over one hundred solar panels on the roof of our location since day one.

Solar Power offers a renewable form of clean energy at a low cost that not only allows us to pass any monetary advantages on to our clients, but it also allows us to minimize our environmental impact as a company on both a local and global scale. A lot of improvements have been made over the past couple of years that have allowed us to DOUBLE the amount of solar panels at our location, allowing our business to run entirely off clean solar energy.

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Utilizing renewable energy can foster several positive environmental gains. Unfortunately, a business can still impact the Eco-System negatively with the materials or chemicals it uses, neutralizing these gains in the process. More often than not, businesses justify practices like these by viewing the use of Green Energy as a way to absolve their irresponsible behavior.

For some, using clean energy is where their environmental contributions end, but that's where we are just getting started. Being a company that specializes in wood printing, we thought it would be a good practice to not only use fully sustainable wood, but to contribute to the growth of new trees around the world, allowing us the ability to give back more than we take in terms of natural resources. This environmental pursuit inspired us to donate $1 from each sale to the NATURE CONSERVANCY to plant a tree for every order. We planted 9,119 trees before learning that most seedlings die before rooting to become trees, causing us to search for a better way to give back. Then we found Cuipo.

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Cuipo is a nonprofit founded by two businessmen after witnessing first hand the deforestation of the Panama rainforest. After the visual confrontation of the devastation, they had to act. Instead of buying a resort, they bought rainforest, not to develop but to preserve. Through Cuipo we have saved 11,000 square meters of rainforest by purchasing one square meter with each order. We are not planting seeds but giving the 100+ year old trees the opportunity to give refuge to the many species, plants, birds and insects that call the rainforest their home. We are not only saving them, but also ourselves, they need us as much as we need them.

When it comes to the integrity of our planet, our glass will always be half empty. We're not content with having just one or two aspects of our business focused on the preservation of the environment. Until all aspects of our business can operate without any adverse ecological effects, we are constantly in search of new materials and practices that allow us to operate efficiently and responsibly.

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All of our printing equipment has been carefully selected not only for its print quality, but also for its energy efficiency. Our prints are created using fully sustainable wood that's acquired responsibly from sources that replant a tree to replace every one they cut down. Since all the materials we use are 100% recyclable, any leftover material is donated to Habitat for Humanity to be used for various green projects.

So to review, we use solar energy, low-impact materials, and save one square meter of rainforest with every order. Please keep in mind that every time you support Prints on Wood, you're not only purchasing an awesome wood print, you're also helping us save the rainforest, maybe even the world, one meter at a time.