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Custom Art Prints on Wood

Custom art prints on wood.Did you know that you can create custom art prints on wood with POW? I'm serious, we can cut the wood to match your artwork. It would be a custom order but, it can absolutely be done.

Custom Art Prints on Wood

Have you ever seen a canvas that is framed to perfectly fit your artwork? Forgive me if I sound inexperienced, but I have not. As I strolled through the offices of Prints on Wood, I spotted this pirate print on the wall. I looked at a customer service representative and said "we can do this?!" While it's not listed on our website, this is a special service that you can request. Apparently, we can kind of do anything in regards to printing. There are probably things we can do that I haven't even thought of. So if you have a crazy idea for a custom wood print contact our customer service department.

How Do You Cut Custom Wood?

We use something called a CNC machine (clearly I'm just a writer and not well-versed in the ways of manhood). It's a tool that can be programmed to cut, carve or shape our wood in pretty much any way imaginable. I've seen it operate and it's kind of insane. It pretty much cuts all on its own. This is how the machines take over people. That's not entirely accurate. It has to be programmed first, but still, it's creepy to see this saw moving around on its own.

So you can give your artwork a whole new dimension. Let's see a canvas do that.

Environmental Responsibility

As a wood printing company, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. That CNC machine is powered by over 200 solar panels. In addition, our wood comes from a sustainable and farmed source.

If you have a custom project in mind, no matter how crazy, give us a try. We specialize in "crazy" around here.