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Marc Allante - Prints on Wood Featured Artist

The art of Marc Allante

Today's featured artist is none other than Marc Allante. His art somehow manages to capture these fantastical and colorful images with an edge of realism. It's like a peek at something otherworldy laid over our own reality.

Marc Allante

Marc was born in Hong Kong and showed an interest in art at a very young age. Having lived in Hong Kong, Sydney and London has evolved his artwork into what it is today. His heritage has also helped shape his techniques. He often mixes Chinese and Japanese ink pigments with European watercolors, as well as using natural hairbrushes with some of the sable European brushes to create different effects. Much of his early work was primarily done in inks, but he found his way to watercolor and oil on canvas. He says it's important to constantly be learning and developing your craft. He loves to experiment with different tools and uses a variety of them to create his artwork. As far as the future evolution of his artwork he says he really wants to try working with gold and copper leaf. To that, I say "yes, please."

All of his artwork has a specific meaning and spirit, but he tells me that A Portrait of Hong Kong is an important piece to him. It's symbolic of his home and birthplace.

A portrait of Hong Kong by Marc Allante A portrait of Hong Kong by Marc Allante.

" A friend had shared the artwork on reddit and it went completely viral, which gave me a lot more confidence to pursue my art and share it to a wider audience. The sudden viral fame lead to media interviews, project invitations with big brands like Perrier, Samsung as well as eventually leading to my own gallery shows. Eventually, I was able to quit my desk job and do what I love on a daily basis and I think a lot has to do with this one piece!"

Marc's art primarily focuses on wildlife. He says it's important to highlight that some of these beautiful creatures are in danger of going extinct, and they should be preserved and cherished for as long as possible. Not only is his artwork amazing, but it has a heartbeat. He says traveling to ecological destinations is a huge inspiration to him, and a way for him to escape the concrete metropolis that is Hong Kong.

Marc's artwork is available on Prints On Wood. You can check it out here. But be sure to visit is official website:


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