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Print Your Art on Wood With Prints on Wood

Print your art on wood.

Hey you, artist person. Yeah, you. Did you know that you can print your art on wood? You totally can. Our prints are made to order and make awesome art pieces.

Print Your Art on Wood

You might be wondering how I find and pick the images for my blog. We have a large safe here at Prints On Wood that holds all of our artist prints. I often times wonder though it. Whenever I find something that makes me say "neat" I take a photo of it and use it for a blog post. Of course, you can see why I picked this piece by Luke Chueh. First of all, I have a weakness for derpy looking animals. Look at this little ball of derp:
Print your art on wood.

I don't care if it is a bear that will rip my face off at the first chance it gets. I want it. BTW, it is available for sale through our website here. You might want to buy that sooner rather than later because our collection is minus one as of right now. Someone stole it and it was me. How could I not? Look at this face:

Print your art on wood.

Your Art on Wood

So just like Luke Chueh has done here, you can offer your art on wood. We have a variety of sizes for you to select from for your potential clients. Our prints also come in three finishes; They are bright white, natural gloss, and vintage matte. So you can pick the finish that best displays your artwork. Best of all, they are made to order. So there's no risk involved. A common workflow is to order a small sampling of prints. Then to take photography so you can show potential customers what you can offer.
Of course, if you are going the tradeshow route, you will have to order enough inventory to supply customers at the event. But our prints are very affordable. So give it a shot. The world could use more spectacular artists.