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Sugar Fueled - A POW Featured Artist

Sugar Fueled is an artist named Michael Banks that will be featured at Prints on Wood. Before the print drops on August 9th lets learn about the man behind the paintbrush/guitar/colored pencil/comic book. 

Sugar Fueled

Can call him 'Sugar' for short. No, that doesn't sound right. It makes me sound like a waitress in a diner around the 1950's in the midwest. Anyway, Sugar Fueled has had many trials and adventures on the way to creating the wonderful art that he produces today. And from the sound of it, his adventures are far from over. On his journey to the world of pop surrealism, he's been a skateboarder, a member of a punk/heavy metal band, formed a one-man noisecore band, and worked as a tattoo artist. He's toured the country in a van and slept in many interesting places along the way. He's a true journeyman and I think his art reflects that in the most gloriously fun way.
His art has been showcased in every major city in the US. If his art is something that makes you smile, then he's accomplished his goal. He wants nothing more than to make the world a sweeter and happier place. His art is fun and colorful and we can't wait to show you his POW print.

The Print

So I can't go into that much detail about it, but I can say that it's a custom cut piece and features the internet's favorite animal. In true Sugar Fueled fashion, it's colorful and fun. There's so much more I would like to tell you about, but I can't give it away. It's everything you would expect from a Sugar Fueled art piece and more.
So be sure to stay tuned on August 9th. And check out our social media to see updates and more info on artist releases.