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Terry Fan- A Prints on Wood Featured Artist

Art by Terry FanTerry Fan is a featured artist here at Prints On Wood. We're huge fans of Terry and honored to add him to our collection of artists. Check out some of his limited prints on Prints on wood.

Terry Fan Art

When I try to describe Terry Fan's art I find myself having a difficult time. Maybe because it sits somewhere between fantasy and reality. Somewhere between realistic and fantastical. His art is just a beautiful blend of surreal and realistic. Don't take my word for it, check out his amazing art on Instagram. On top of that, Terry and his brother have written and illustrated numerous books. You can find that website here. Yeah, he's kind of everywhere.

Prints on Wood

In addition to the numerous places you can find Terry Fan's art, you can also find him right here at Prints on Wood. Looking at the enormous amount of work that Terry has out there, I kind of wonder when he sleeps. We're so happy to have him be a part of our Prints on Wood artist collections. Be sure the check out all of Terry's artwork at prints on wood. And be sure to check back with Prints on Wood for announcements of new featured artists and exclusive prints.