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Wood Wall Art - Unleash Your Inner Designer

Today, we're going to be discussing how you can use wood wall art to unleash your inner designer. We'll go over some quick tips on interior design that will help you pick out and arrange some wood art for your space.

Wood Wall Art

Wood wall art.

At Prints on Wood we are kind of fortunate enough to be surrounded by artists. So we always have somebody with an artistic eye that can arrange something visually pleasing. It's great to have a plethora of artists to get opinions, but not all of us are so lucky. So today we'll go over a few interior design tips to help you pick the perfect art for your space and arrange it in a visually appealing way.

Develop a color scheme.

Select a few colors that compliment each other and then find art that best matches and accentuates those colors. There are a few great resources to help you find colors that work well together. However, it doesn't get much better than Paletton. Along the top, you can pick your color scheme type and go from there. It offers an amazing set of free tools to pick a color scheme that works for you. Seriously, play around with it. You can even export your color choices as a PNG to keep handy when picking artwork.

Or don't develop a color scheme.

If you don't want a color scheme, that's totally cool. You're allowed to do that. There's no law saying that you have to choose a set of 2-5 colors and go from there. So skip Paletton altogether and go crazy with color.

Use lighter colors in smaller rooms.

You want smaller rooms to seem bigger, so use lighter prints and colors in smaller rooms. This will make your space seem larger. You can also accomplish this with mirrors and windows. But that's a much more expensive investment.

Mix up artwork styles and patterns.

There's something to be said about sticking with a particular style, but mixing it up can make for a much more interesting look. Too much of the same thing can be overwhelming. Mix it up with different artists and styles.

Green works indoors.

Green is a great way to liven up an area. Green is normally associated with nature. It can give any room a calming feeling. So go green twice, in color and because our prints are absolutely environmentally friendly. Check it the bottom of our About Us section to see what I mean.

Lower your artwork.

Most people make the mistake of hanging artwork too high. Artwork is ideally hung at eye level.

If you're a less is more type of person...

If you're a minimalist or just going for that aesthetic, go with one or two very large prints that are bold and eye-catching. Many of our art prints come in large sizes.  Pick out your favorite and we'll do the rest.

In Conclusion

I hope these quick tips helped you decide on what wood wall art to purchase. If you're still having trouble, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service representatives. They would be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have.