Bright White Finish

Wood Printing With a Bright White Finish!

Photos maintain their original color and vibrance and no wood grain shows through in the image. Cha ching!

white wedding photos printed on wood

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Bright Color Photo Prints

As you can see in the image to the left, color photos really pop when printed with the Bright White finish option. The original vibrancy of the image is maintained and no wood grain shows through at all.

Photographers prefer this bright white option when printing photos of people and faces. No unwanted grain lines will be visible across arms, foreheads, or cheeks, etc.

The end result is a beautiful wood print without the unwanted tints and blemishes of the natural wood canvas.

Crisp Black and White Images on Wood

Black and white images really stand out. Lighting and context transfer directly to the wood and photos maintain their composition and perspective.

As you can see in the image to the right, the natural gloss finish can add an unwanted vintage feel to a black and white image, whereas the Bright White finish accurately represents the photographer's vision for the shot.

black and white photos printed on wood

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digital photos wedding printed on wood

Stunning Artwork Prints

Tomato, tomatto... Personal preference is the only guide here.

When printed with our Bright white finish option, artwork looks just like the original. Some people prefer this one-to-one translation while others do not.

It really just depends on the piece of art and the person buying it. Colors translate in different ways and personal preference is ultimately the driver here. As you can see in the image to the left, the Caia Koopman print looks equally amazing printed either way - Bright White or Natural Gloss. There is no need to point out which is which.

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