A Thickness For All Preferences

Whether you are looking for a chic ¼" wood print for your desktop or an elegant ¾" wood print for your treasured family photo, Prints on Wood has a thickness option for every budget and personality.

1/4 Inch (6mm)

1/4 inch thickness

** Special Order Only **
Incredibly svelte and lightweight, our ¼" wood is available by special order only. Contact us here for a quote.

Since the thickness of the ¼" wood canvas does not allow for a keyhole, we include a free Adhesive Back Hanger with every purchase. Don't forget "desktop" sizes come with a handy dandy free desktop stand. This thickness is best suited for desktop size prints.

¼" wood canvases are ideal for practical uses such as gift certificates, desktop family photos, postcards and birthday cards.

1/2 Inch (12mm)

1/2 inch thickness

** Special Order Only **
Tried and true, our ½" wood is the most popular thickness amongst our clients. It's the perfect compromise for those who are want the affordability of a thinner wood canvas but are attracted to the durability of a thicker wood canvas.

While other canvases might be too thin or too expensive, our ½" wood is just right.

Our ½" wood canvases are ideal for holiday gifts and family photos, and prints of your favorite artwork.

3/4 Inch (18mm)

3/4 inch thickness

Our standard thickness, ¾" thickness is the best! For the longest lasting and most dramatic way to display your print, the ¾" wood canvas is the way to go.

Whether displayed alone on a wall, by itself, or in a group of framed pictures, we guarantee our ¾" wood prints stand out from the group, giving your beautiful print the attention it deserves.

Our 3/4" wood canvases are ideal for both fine art and high-resolution photo prints.

Actual Size:

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