Photo Printing on Wood

Create your own Custom Wood Print in 4 easy steps

Creating a personalized wood print is easy. Upload your favorite photos now to create one-of-a-kind, show quality art pieces.

  • Choose a Thickness
  • Upload Your Image
  • Select Orientation and Size
  • Select a Finish
Create your own prints on Wood. Snap a photo with your phone or camera and upload it to create a unique wood printed memory on an organic canvas. Awesome Gifts for family and friends. Learn more about photo printing on wood

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Custom Wood Print Pricing

Size 1/4in (6mm) 1/2in (12mm) 3/4in (18mm)
4" x 6" $30 $32 $34
5" x 7" $30 $32 $34
6" x 6" $30 $32 $34
6" x 9" $30 $32 $34
6" x 12" $30 $32 $34
8" x 8" $30 $32 $34
8" x 10" $32 $34 $38
8" x 12" $37 $40 $44
9" x 12" $42 $45 $49
10" x 10" $38 $42 $46
10" x 15" $52 $57 $62
10" x 20" $70 $76 $83
11" x 14" $54 $59 $65
11" x 17" $65 $71 $78
12" x 12" $50 $55 $60
12" x 24" $105 $107 $109
16" x 20" $111 $118 $122
16" x 24" $135 $137 $140
18" x 18" $115 $120 $125
18" x 24" $145 $147 $149
20" x 20" $140 $142 $144
20" x 30" $192 $196 $199
20" x 40" $220 $228 $235
24" x 24" $185 $188 $190
24" x 30" $210 $225 $230
24" x 36" $240 $246 $252
30" x 40" $292 $300 $310

Frequently asked questions

  • When will my prints be shipped?

    Standard turn-around time for all custom wood print orders is 5 -7 business days. This means all custom print on wood orders are printed and shipped within 5 to 7 days after the order has been received.

  • How do I hang my wood print?

    6 mm / .25 (¼) inch wood prints come with an adhesive sawtooth hanger. Just stick the hanger on and it’s ready to hang right out of the box.

    12 mm / .5 (½) inch and 18 mm / .75 (¾) inch prints come with a portrait or landscape keyhole on the back of each print for easy hanging directly from the box to the wall.

  • What kind of wood is there to choose from?

    Currently we are only offering birch online but we can print on any type of wood. Our sales team can assist you with custom requests. Request a custom quote.

  • Can I print the same image on multiple wood panels?

    Yes, simply choose the size you want for each panel, upload the image, and then crop it to the desired area for each panel.

  • Do you have gift cards?

    Yes, we have gift cards that can be purchased online here.

  • I need my print(s) fast! Can I pay an expedited fee to speed up the process?

    Yes. We offer faster turn-around times on all wood prints. However, there is an added processing fee that varies from product to product. Please contact us with your time frame, and we will begin your order immediately! Or email us directly at

  • What kind of files can I upload?

    We like to keep it simple. On this page we only accept 3 basic image types: jpg, png, and gif. Artwork in other formats like Photoshop or Illustrator can be used, but you will have to export them to a jpg first.

  • What is the preview that I see after I upload an image?

    We offer a preview to give you a general idea of how the image will look printed on wood. We add a tiny bit of transparency (see through) to the image to simulate how the wood grain comes through the lighter colors in the image. The preview is only a simulation and your final wood print will most likely look different when you receive. That's what is so awesome about printing on a wood canvas, each print is unique because no two sheets of plywood have the same grain pattern.

  • What does Margin mean?

    When selecting “Yes” under the Margin option, a border will be placed around your image. This will give the look of a “framed” image to your wood print. *** Please note, the border around the print will be the finish option you choose. EX: Bright White, will reflect a white border around your wood print, whereas Natural Gloss and Vintage Matte will have a wood grain border.

  • Are these the only sizes you have?

    No, these are only the sizes offered for purchase directly online. We can print Photo Plus quality on full 4 ft by 8 ft sheets of plywood, as well as random in-between sizes. Contact our sales team to request a custom quote.

  • Low Resolution Warning?

    The image uploaded is low quality and might not look good printed at the size you want. This warning also appears if you crop your image too small. In either case, we can still print the image but it might look blurry. Instagram photos that use a blur or filter technique may look okay at larger sizes, but for the most part 6x6, 8x8 and 10x10 are the best preset sizes. iPhone Instagram users can download their higher-resolution Instagram photos from their phone to a computer and then use our "Upload from Computer" option to print at larger sizes. See this link here: Instagram high-resolution versions

Have Questions?

We've got answers. Browse popular topics at our FAQ page.

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Customer Reviews

  1. New options for clients

    by Laurie Mire on Mar 20, 2014

    Can't wait to order for my clients!! What a beautiful way to showcase family/children portraits :)
  2. Customize your home or workspace!

    by Alex on Mar 15, 2014

    Custom wood printing is a great way to embellish your original artwork to hang at home or gallery!
  3. Best Wood Around

    by Leonard on Mar 14, 2014

    Great way to add a unique presentation to your photography and art pieces. Ive been using POW for about a year now and every time I am completely satisfied with the turn around and quality of the product. The pieces are great for gifts too! POW make uploading, cropping and choosing your desired size very user friendly. I can't wait to do my next print!
  4. Prints for art!

    by Jordan Ross on Mar 14, 2014

    Can't wait to print my art on wood!!
  5. Fishing Finishing Touch

    by Brenda on Mar 14, 2014

    I made a shadow box with a photo of my boyfriend and I printed on wood complimented by 3 vintage reels. The photo on wood was the perfect finishing touch! Everyone was impressed, especially my Dad (woodworker and printer) on the quality. Will definitely be using this technique again! Thank you for creating the finishing touch!
  6. Beautiful way to translate vintage photos

    by Jen on Feb 13, 2014

    I just received the print-on-wood of my 50 year-old photograph with my father and his father. It looks absolutely wonderful and captures the beauty, simplicity and spirit of the old black and white so much better than a reprint or a simple framing could have. I love it, and I cannot wait to give it to my Dad. Thank you for your work, and thank you for turning it around so quickly!
  7. Beautiful Product

    by Tara on Dec 20, 2013

    I never write product reviews, but after receiving my first print in the mail yesterday, I feel obligated to share how badass it is. The print is gorgeous. The packaging was thoughtful and well designed. The entire presentation was clearly put together by folks who value good design and craftsmanship. Customer service is also worthy of mentioning. In peak gift/shopping season, I wrote an e-mail to the company and received two separate responses within about five minutes of submitting. From real people too, not some automated "thanks for contacting us" robot. Friends and family members are going to be getting these for gifts for a long time to come. I have zero qualms with becoming the wood print girl. Support these guys!
  8. First print

    by Andres on Nov 16, 2013

    I just got my first print and I am amazed at the quality of the printing and the handling. The package was very well protected and the print was gorgeous! Next I will print on the thiner backing to see if I can used in furniture.
  9. Artist

    by Lorena on Nov 16, 2013

    Great artists here. Stoked to try this unique idea with my own artwork.
  10. Amazing

    by Philip on Nov 15, 2013

    I ordered a custom print earlier in the year to see how the wood works with colored prints and it turned out amazing. I love the fact that as soon as you get it, it is done. I would suggest printing some items with good areas of white in them to take full advantage of the wood grain. Awesome product.
  11. Excited!

    by Kj on Nov 15, 2013

    I can't wait to try! Best wood printing site on the web I've seen.
  12. Love giving these as gifts

    by Amy on Nov 15, 2013

    I have created several of these and given them as gifts to my family and friends. They are great because there is no framing needed. They can lean on a fireplace/shelf or hang with a simple nail or hook. And they always come out amazingly!
  13. I love wood!

    by jennifer on Nov 15, 2013

    I am delighted with the way my original collage art looks printed on wood! And the fact that it's eco-friendly & sustainable is just the icing on the cake. The printed surface has a wonderful finish - really nice feel & look (you really can't help but touch it!) - and the solid feel of the wood is so satisfying. Looking forward to making more!
  14. A Unique Gift Idea

    by Jenn Sibiga on Nov 15, 2013

    My husband and I were celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this past July, and the traditional gift for 5th anniversaries is wood. I was trying to come up with a clever gift idea and stumbled across Prints on Wood. I am into photography and editing and took one of my favorite photos from our wedding, added my own personalized text to it (in Photoshop) and uploaded it to Prints on Wood (which was incredibly easy). It arrived wonderfully and securely packaged, so I didn't open it before I gave it to my husband. I was blown away by the quality of my print on wood, and my husband loved it too. We receive many compliments on it. I would happily recommend Prints on Wood, and hope to place more orders in the future!
  15. The Best Art Online

    by Marcus Hatch on Nov 15, 2013

    I have ordered several pieces of art from, and I have been amazed with each and every piece that shows up at my door. The shipping time is great and the wood that each print is put on really makes the art pop. Being able to select a finish for the art piece of your choosing is a nice touch and the option of many different sizes is great. There are many great artists that use and there will be many more in the future. I have had no problems with this site, and I recommend this site 100%.
  16. Awesome Presentation

    by Brian on Nov 15, 2013

    I was looking into alternatives when it came to printing my art out and stumbled onto Prints on Wood. I ordered a couple prints and was thoroughly pleased with how professional it made my pieces look. A great choice for the gallery artist who wants their printed work to stand out in a group show!
  17. We LOVE Prints On Wood!

    by Court on Nov 15, 2013

    I'm a photographer and POW is my favorite place to order prints for myself, clients and family. The quality is top notch. Printing and shipping are always super fast! And the packaging is impeccable.

    My husband and I have also collected the entire Seeker Friends set by Jeff Soto which adorns a wall in our son's nursery. And we've purchased Soto's Snow Owl print. We're so happy with all of our beautiful prints!

    After seeing our POWs a number of friends and family members have started ordering from POW too!
  18. In love with these prints

    by Joel on Nov 15, 2013

    The concept, execution, and results of these prints are amazing. I was first brought onto this site by artist Jeff Soto. Over the course of this year I had purchased and collected prints in his Seeker Friends line. Amazing pieces in their own right, but printing them on wood just adds such a great dimension. Definitely enhances the pieces. I plan to buy many more prints off this site in the future. Highly recommend.
  19. Quality Creative Printing

    by Joe on Nov 15, 2013

    I recently ordered a print of a Go Pro camera as a test print. I was really impressed with the quality and customer service. The print came carefully packaged so no damage would occur in shipping. The wood really took the color and will make a great display print.
  20. High Quality Prints, Great Gift Idea

    by Lane on Nov 15, 2013

    I have made one custom print so far, and I will be a repeat customer! I created my print as a gift for my sister, and she loved it! The process was extremely easy from start to finish, and the finished product was shipped quickly. The print I made was from an Instagram pic, and ended up being really high quality!
  21. A new medium for our Artwork

    by Pussyhouse Propaganda on Nov 15, 2013

    Finding Prints on Wood has given us at Pussyhouse the ability to deliver our artwork to our clients in a new medium that everyone loves and can afford! The prints are great quality and we get nothing but compliments on our wood printed pieces. A wood printed piece form Prints on Wood is a great and affordable way for people to have our art in their homes!
  22. Taking Your Photos Up a Notch

    by Juanita on Nov 15, 2013

    I found Prints on Wood when I was looking to do something unique with my photographs. My trial run with this company has lead to multiple orders on my part. When friends see my finished projects, they always ask how did I do it. Love spreading the word. And I've had a very favorable experience when needing to deal with customer service. Absolutely love the work they do, and I'm excited to see some of the new options being provided for prints. Can't wait to take advantage.
  23. Love my Nathan Ota prints

    by Anastasia on Nov 15, 2013

    I'm so happy with the quality of the art. I love that print on wood is working with amazing artists on limited edition prints. Also, if you call the office, customer service is amazing. The woman I spoke to on the phone was so helpful and just all around cool.
  24. Highest Quality

    by Kevin on Nov 15, 2013

    I love all of the pieces I have ordered from Prints on Wood.

    Great care is taken to insure that they arrived perfect and w/o blemishes from careless shipping and handling. Friends that view my Caia Coopman prints always go up and take a closer look-- they are so incredibly detailed, and the fact that the "canvas" is wooden means no two will ever be exactly the same. I love that. I plan to give more this year as Christmas gifts. I'm confident they will be well-received.
  25. Most complimented art!

    by Jennipher on Nov 15, 2013

    I have quite a few pieces of art hung in my home, but all my POW (Mostly Soto work) pieces get the most compliments! I began printing my own photos on wood, and giving them as gifts! They are so much more than just a photo now...thank you POW!!! Even though I don't want to give away my secret, I let friends know about your website on a weekly basis!!
  26. Custom Wood Print

    by Chris on Nov 15, 2013

    I was able to take an old polaroid that probably would not last much longer and turn it into a wood print. This precious photo is now immortalized on wood and displayed prominently in our home. Oh, and the cost of framing? Wait, there is not cost for framing. Ready to hang out of the box! That's what I'm talking about!
  27. Beautiful Idea

    by MM Anderson on Nov 15, 2013

    I'm new to this print media and haven't actually ordered yet, but from the images I've seen on the site they look beautiful. Can't wait to order one for myself.
  28. Awesomeness.

    by Micah on Nov 15, 2013

    Got a picture of my dog Gemma printed a few months ago, I'm going to get another one of her for my brother who lives in Minnesota on the new slimmer wood. I also got my girlfriend of picture of her and I at Hidden Lake in Montana. These prints are absolutely perfect gifts for anyone. Top notch quality.
  29. Wood pics

    by Fay on Nov 14, 2013

    This is such a unique idea! Would look great in my son's log cabin one day!!
  30. Unique + Great Quality

    by Alex on Nov 14, 2013

    Great gift ideas, immortalize a memory or a favorite art piece. You're given so many options now, its ridiculous how awesome this is. I've already received two pieces from my girlfriend printed on the vintage matte format ( always a classic), it definitely will bring character to any piece, and to your home as well.
  31. Best Photo Gift Idea

    by Joseph Nienstedt on Nov 13, 2013

    These are currently my favorite way to give a photographic print as a gift. They look like a million bucks, they'll last for generations, and the style is timeless.
  32. Awesome!

    by Michelle on Nov 13, 2013

    Prints on Wood is awesome! All of the prints are so beautiful and good quality the biggest decision is which one to buy or create!! :)
  33. Five Stars Across the Board!

    by Taylor Ryan Bronson on Nov 13, 2013

    I have been using this site for top quality prints for over a year now and have had nothing but amazing experiences with them. I have purchased everything from custom 6"x6" prints as surprise gifts for my fiance to huge prints from my favorite artist Jeff Soto, and all of them have turned out beyond flawless!

    The quality of their prints is astonishing, the pictures on the site look great but once you have it in your hands and get to see all the detail along with the grain of the wood, they are pieces to cherish and display around your house forever. Customizing your own prints is super easy with their step by step process and the tips and advise they give along the way assures that your print will come out crystal clear in the best resolution possible. Shipping is extremely fast and the guys working at Prints on Wood are very helpful in answering any questions you have thoroughly and quickly.

    All in all, I'd more than recommend using their service for decorating, personal prints, or gift ideas, I will most certainly continue to use this site for a long long time :)
  34. Amazing

    by Martin Donnelly on Nov 13, 2013

    I ordered two prints from Prints on Wood earlier this year and was over the moon with the results. The prints were vibrant and the finish was fantastic. It's such a cool idea realised by like minded people.
  35. Love!

    by Ingrid on Nov 13, 2013

    I LOVE Prints on Wood!! The quality is awesome!!
  36. Beautiful

    by Ash on Nov 13, 2013

    These are top notch and beautifully crafted. They would make amazing, unique gifts!
  37. Love our print

    by Michelle on Nov 13, 2013

    Just received our pea print and and love the quality. Thank you!
  38. suh-weet

    by ct on Nov 13, 2013

    Great print quality, great, concept, great artist colabs-
    i gave a friend who commissioned me to some album art for him a custom print of the final art and it blew him away
  39. Perfect !

    by Monika Strigel on Nov 13, 2013

    I was so happy to see on a customers pic my GIRAFFE in the nursery room! It looks so lovely and unique printed on wood!
  40. Want One!

    by Susie on Nov 13, 2013

    I enjoy seeing on facebook the beautiful works you print, and love the idea of printing on wood. This page makes it look easy to do. I am going to give this a try soon!
  41. Impressed!

    by Eleanor on Nov 13, 2013

    I'm so grateful to have this company available! There are so many options, it's easy to use, and the results are outstanding. Its great to use Prints On Wood as an outlet for creativity, to try something new...either with photography or art, and they are also wonderfulto give (or receive!) as gifts. Thanks guys, props!!
  42. Awesome!

    by Amber Climis on Nov 13, 2013

    I love prints on wood! My husband ordered me some art prints from here for our anniversary...and I absolutely love them! Plus they are super easy...usually I go frame my prints and photos...I just put a nail in the wall and hung my wood print...
  43. Great gifts!

    by Stephanie on Nov 13, 2013

    I have used the "create-your-own" option to create several gifts. I love the way they turn out, the recipients have all loved their gifts, I have received my orders quickly and well packaged, and I love that Prints on Wood is concerned with minimizing its environmental impact. Fabulous company!
  44. Awesome Idea

    by Sean Power on Nov 13, 2013

    This is a pretty awesome idea, and it looks to be doing well, once I get some currency I believe that I will be getting at least one done :)
  45. Unique & Special

    by VIAINA on Nov 13, 2013

    It's so unique and special having such beautiful ART on WOOD!
  46. Well Done

    by Galen Valle on Nov 12, 2013

    Beautiful, unique, sustainable, high-quality, reasonably priced products from a team that actually makes a real effort to minimize their environmental footprint - and also loves what they do. Well done, guys.
  47. Haring

    by Greg on May 8, 2013

    These guys are awesome, really love my print on wood, snap a photo, upload it, shipped out in a few days! Great customer service I highly recommend these guys.
  48. Wholesale

    by Ryan Wood on Apr 7, 2013

    Hi there,

    I was curious if you guys offered wholesale pricing on bulk orders? If so, what is that pricing?

  49. Prints

    by Rich villafana on Mar 30, 2013

    If i have a print on archival papper can you laminate it on wood for me using the print i send you how much mould that cost
  50. 10x10 wood Print

    by Erin Pfieffer on Feb 26, 2013

    I received my 10x10 photo wood print today and it is beautiful, I cant wait to order a few more prints.
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