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Wooden Signs

Wooden Signs

We create totally customized wood signs, printed and cut to size with laser accuracy. What are you waiting for?

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Build Your Brand With Unique Wood Signs

In today's market, a multitude of options exist when it comes to having a sign created. Most businesses turn to a plain sheet of plastic with their name slapped on the front. Think about the last time you stopped to admire the handiwork or craftsmanship of a sign like this: probably never. That's because like most things that occur commonly, our brains are trained to ignore them.

Wooden signs offer a unique alternative to the traditional forms of advertising. The weight, density, and grain exclusive to each wooden canvas creates a great distinction when comparing WOODEN SIGNS to others printed on different mediums. The message displayed on your sign will be complemented by the added layer of depth a wooden canvas creates with it's natural pattern, boosting its recognition amongst those who see it.

Regardless if your business is grassroots, family owned, or an environmentally conscious corporation, a WOODEN SIGN can help capture the personality of your establishment while exemplifying the humble and friendly atmosphere that can be found inside.

printed wood signs Dusty Barrels printed wood signs Taste Invaders printed wood signs

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The Natural Advantage

An added advantage to having your signs printed on wood is that in addition to serving a practical and informative purpose, they can also magnify the allure and charm your clients experience when they visit your business.

Not only is a WOODEN SIGN ideal for storefront signage, it can also be used indoors, creating a prominent display advertising a specific product or service. Unlike your common in-store displays consisting of paper posters or cardboard cut-outs, a custom WOODEN SIGN commands it's own presence.

Custom Wood Printing for Displays

WOODEN SIGNS are not solely limited to business purposes. They can also be displayed on the walls of your home. Whether its message is inspirational or devotional, a WOODEN SIGN can create an enduring daily reminder.

In addition to offering a wide range of fixed sizes to choose from, PRINTSONWOOD provides the ability to create custom signs tailored to the specific size and shape of your design, limiting your WOODEN SIGN only to the extent of your imagination.

Tentacle Skates printed wood signs

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Wholesale Deals and Bulk Orders

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Need a lot of prints? Store owners, restaurants and retail shops save big when you order wood prints in bulk.

FAQs About Wood Printing

What is the best image resolution and dpi for printing?

We like to have all files to be 150 dpi (dots per inch) when scaled to the size you are ordering, but we can use files at 75 dpi at full scale. You CANNOT go lower than this without having loss in quality of your pictures print on wood.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes! If you have a large order, please email us at support@printsonwood.com or click here to request a custom quote.

What about custom sizes?

We are happy to custom make wood photo prints in any size up to
4 ft x 8 ft. Please email us at support@printsonwood.com or click here to request a custom quote.

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